Missed appointment

Just some advice really

I had a feeling I was due a MRI scan in October - I was not absolutely sure about the date - so I called my MS nurse and she said she could not find any appointment.

So I left it there and the I received a letter saying my Next appointment with the Neurologist would be 16 Oct 2020

the I get a letter saying it will be for the 20th Oct 2020 - both letters have the same date

But I then receive letter saying that I failed to go to my appointment on 22 Oct 2019

at the bottom it says that If I do not attend the appointments I will not be able to continue with my treatment.

So, I’m very worried

I have never missed any of my appointments before ( even the ones when he was a hour late ! )

I have e mailed my MS nurse , hoping she will clarify

But I’m worried…

Sorry , just had to say