Still waiting for appointment???

Hello again. I was reffered to neurologist and received a confirmation letter in June then another towards the end of June saying they will let me know when appointment has been made but still no appointment date? Is this normal or am I forgotten?

Hi…yes I’m in the very same situation, I am awaiting my date with the Neuro department at Salford. My GP though in the mean time is concerned as I’ve had worsening symptoms and said that she could request an MRI head only at my local hospital quicker until we hear from Salford she says if anything shows up on my head only she will contact Salford and try and push for a quicker date (current wait time is 17 weeks at Salford). So I have my head MRI booked in for 2nd week in September.

Just realised how many times I said Salford !!! Sorry xx

Hello :slight_smile: I waited for quite a long time for an appointment at the Tunbridge Wells hospital and received a holding letter like that. The waiting list was about 18 weeks. Apparently they don’t like to book appointments any more than six weeks in advance in case of holiday etc. I have my appointment in three and a half weeks!! Hope it’s not too much longer for you. x

I must have been very lucky , 1st drs appointment was end of may , blood tests week after and mri on lower back 2 weeks later Dr letter to say make appointment to discuss results , week later appointment to say being referred to neurologist as he couldn’t see anything , 2/3 weeks later appointment through ( although think I got a cancellation ) , neurologist saw "an inflammed blob " on base of spine and wanted another couple of mri’s . Few weeks for other Mri’s , neurologist few weeks later and told RRMS , that was last week and waiting on appointment for MS clinic

Hi sorry it has taken a while to respond. . Thank you for replies. I’m waiting for salford too so seems I’m not alone in the wait which is reassuring that I have not slipped off the system x