My first symptom I developed a weakness in my left arm. Since I was 16 ive had periods of going light headed and very dizzy, but I had a “big” one where I got taken to A and E because I’m was really dizzy and my eyesight went blurry, I looked “drunk” and just felt completely out of it, I was lost consciousness for a while. I had 5 of these attacks in 2 weeks. I went through with a neuro and he thought it was MS or epilepsy. He done a MRI on my head which came back completely normal. I believed him and I had no worried. I later found out that im anaemic and I’m on medication to drink the iron back up hopefully. I had another “attack” the other day at college. It was a bit different that time, it all started with a headache that felt like someone was stabbing me in the head, then it felt like my head was about to explode. The whole room went blurring and I was completely dizzy, my tutor said I looked drugged up. And since then I felt like that again earlier this evening.

I don’t want to open up the possibility of this being MS as they done the scan, but I heard that the lesions can show up on the spine too, the neuro only done a MRI on the head. Could he have missed something ?

Thank you in advance

hello cloe

ms is very difficult to diagnose and if you pursue this route it could take years.

your GP is best placed to help you.

if you haven’t already, make an appointment and tell him or her what has been happening.

all these random events will be noted on your medical records so if at some point a specialist gets involved the dots will be there waiting to be joined up.

i won’t tell you what is or is not causing your symptoms but totally wish to encourage you to talk to your doctor.

hope your college are supportive,

you ought to have a tutor who is responsible for pastoral care, this is the one to see.

try to take a step back from it all and stay calm.

it’s many years ago but i remember my teens as being a big mess of confusion and worry.

looking back it seems that the only reason for worrying was the amount of worrying i was doing, so try to stop.

take care xx

I never thought about going back to the doctors, but I will. I didn’t make a fus about it with the college because I didn’t have one of these attacks for about a year. The only thing that is making me question it is the headache, I never got that last time. I had no warning at all that I was going to have an attack. I will go speak to the doctor and see what they say, Thank you xx

Would love some more advice! Xx


i’d love to have more advice to give you but i don’t.

amongst the random symptoms you need to act your age.

go out with friends, have a laugh, be a bit mad!

make sure that your friends are aware of your head pains (headache sounds too commonplace).

take care, good luck and have fun.

carole x

I meant from some other people. I do go out a lot with my friends, and I do “act my age”. If I just had head aches I wouldn’t be posting on a MS website. Going out with my friends are great but not when I constantly keep nearly passing out and then I have to go home.

Hi ItzCloe17

it sounds quite ‘migrainey’ - has this been suggested by any docs you’ve seen?

Hi, I thought that about this time. However a lot of the symptoms are the same as last time this happened and I didn’t have a headache last time. No Doctors have said anything about migraines, however I’m making a doctors appointment Monday.

Hi Chloe

Migraine doesn’t always come complete with a headache. In fact some people claim to have migraines because they have really bad headaches, but aren’t migraines at all.

Have a look at What is migraine? - The Migraine Trust That might give you something to consider.

But seeing your GP to discuss everything that’s happened is a good plan. You could write yourself down a timeline, what has happened and when. That might tell you something about why these occurrences happen when they do (time of the month, what you’ve eaten or drunk, whether you had a bad nights sleep before or after one of these attacks, anything else similar). But it should help the GP.

Obviously, it could be something completely different. You might need to be re-referred to a neurologist for answers.

Best of luck.


Thank you Sue, always though a migraine has to have the symptom of a really bad headache too. A lot of my family suffer with migraines so I’m definitely considering that it may be this