Midnight munchie....

As most of you know, I live in sheltered housing which has communal lounge & kitchen downstairs (I’ve got a flat though with my own kitchen etc).

Well I used to sometimes sneak downstairs and steal a chocolate biscuit from supply in kitchen. Only occasionally… but it was a bit of a chocolate lifeline.

In the last year we have had a thief. Loads of stuff has gone missing from the kitchen including pots and pans, boxes of teabags, tins of biscuits etc.

This has absolutely spoiled my little lifeline supply of chocolate biscuits!

If someone caught me pilfering one chocolate biscuit I might then be suspected of being the kitchen thief !!!

You can’t imagine how bloody annoying it is!!!

Pat xx


Pat, that sounds extra dangerous and would certainly mean, I might need better hidden chocolate supplies!

It might sound like I’m joking but seriously, I would NEED a hidden stash if I were you

Chocolate is good for your mental health, simplez

Sonia x



I would set a trap, you can buy doggy chocolate biscuits, which look good but taste revolting, a good friend bought Frazer some…that would teach them a lesson… that is as long as you don’t forget which tin there in and eat them by accident!

Michelle x


Hiding chocolate biscuits reminds me of years ago when my children were little, and although I was able to drive then, I only wanted to do my main shop once a week, and pick up odds and sods daily as needed.

When I got home I would put some of the food in the cupboards and hide some in the draw under the tea towels, to keep for later in the week.

It took them ages to work out what I did, but if everything was put in the cupboard at once, no way would it last a week.

We all laugh about it now, and although grown up now, sometimes when they visit one of them will say, shall we get the chocolate and biscuits out of the tea towel draw to go with this cup of tea lol

Its good to laugh.

Pam x

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Pam that reminds me of my mum,bless her, she used to hide chocolate all round her house,as my dad was diabetic and not supposed to have any,but he always found it and had some… when mum died and we had the awful job of clearing her flat out we kept coming across lots of chocolate…it made us smile,bless her.

reading all these posts makes me want chocolate lol

J x


My mum and now me, hide goodies in casserole dishes of other under used pots, hubby finds it and eats it though-still think kids slightly in dark about hidden places x