I want

I have a craving for crisps.

I don’t have any so the craving is worse. I’ve just made chocolate and ginger biscuits for physio tomorrow but they’re not good enough.

How will I get through the night?


I’m not surprised Steve . It was 1 am in the morning that you sent this, I always get cravings if I stay up after midnight . I’ve got walkers ready salted crisps I’ll swop you for your homemade chocolate and ginger biscuits…My craving is for chocolate. Michelle and Frazer xx

Aren’t cravings so frustrating? I got into a routine of having chocolate and crisps in the house but now that my hormonal teenager has left for uni I’m trying to rethink this as I’m getting rather round. I’m trying to eat fruit instead but it definitely doesn’t give the same satisfaction, and to add insult to injury, the shelf life of said fruit is much shorter. It could be worse, I could be pregnant and craving corn flakes, garlic snails and lemon meringue pie at least twice a day. An unusual three course meal.

To buy or not to buy …

Cath x


my gp said that i should eat more salt because my blood pressure is low.

so i have ready salted crisps for medicinal reasons!

just love it when people say that they’ll give me high blood pressure!

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