Mental Health?

I Have noticed that quite a lot of my friends with MS have Mental Health issues including myself. How many of you have MS & Mental Health problems?
Angie x

Hi Angie, can’t say that I do tbh. I have RRMS, diagnosed 3 years ago just about. No relapses since then, MRI’s all good and I’m on Tecfidera which has been very easy to manage too. I try to be positive and see each day as a blessing. I find that helps, least, works for me.
Retro. x

I have Ms and serve mental health problems, really struggling lately and don’t know what to do

Hi, this my first time here. I have had MS for 20+ years and diagnosed with secondary progressive in 2012. Things have gotten worse with the pandemic and my redundancy. That is both my physical and mental health. I also suffer from the Postcode Lottery with barely any input from my Neuro team. It is so hard to stay positive when my house is getting dirtier each day. I do Zoom physio classes arranged by the therapy centre but still my mobility and motivation gets worse. Thanks for listening.

Angie, I call it ‘frustration’…

I find myself worst then before No words to describe. Due to bad past I gave up hope of living without depression But if you are strong enough to talk to gp medication do work if on right ones
Counciling is a big no for me as I dont talk about problems x

I have severe mental health issues at the moment.
No idea if they are related to my ms my life or just my perception.
I was DX with MS back in 1980/81
since then of course new treatments have come into use but I haven’t ever had an ms nurse or even a regular Neuro.
During covid lockdowns my lovely gp retired and now a new gp wants me to jump through hoops to have tests that were not available back in 1980.
I don’t want to, I was doing fine with the right support from my old gp who just found a way to help my symptoms and treated ME not my diagnosis.
That may or may not be related to my mental health.
I am left feeling no hope for the future.
I agreed to attend a pain clinic because I have multiple health issues and am on quite a lot of meds.
All that happened at the pain clinic was a five minute " consultation " what meds do you take ? I started to say but the doctor practically snatched my script and said right off that one, reduce this one, I will write to your GP…good afternoon.
What a waste of the huge effort it took for me to get to that appointment.
The change in my meds is causing my massive upsurge of mental health issues.
I too am not up for " talking " therapy.
Tried it just to please others and ended up feeling worse.
CBT, psychology etc
I wish I could offer some positive advice but I just wanted to say you are not alone, keep getting appointments with different gp,s at your practice if possible and if you can explain talking doesn’t work for you.
Hopefully one will offer a trial of antidepressants that will result in some easing of your problems.
I wish you all the best.

I have ppms diagnosed 9 years ago and have depression. I’ve been on antidepressants much of my adult life. Over the years I’ve taken myself off them but when I’ve felt well but eventually spiralled down again and back on them.

I’ve realised that i do well on them and after discussions with my doctor realised that it’s better to continue with the meds as they suit me.

There used to be a horrible stigma for people suffering from depression or any other mental illness but I’m no longer ashamed about getting help when needed.

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