Mental health

Had an appointment with my Neuro yesterday. MRI came back clear again. I am still undiagnosed but suspected as I had an attack in January with double vision, fatigue, inability to walk, wobbles, vertigo and walked into the wall. I have been off sick since then because although I have improved with the odd hiccup I am still not better. The fatigue is incredible and I still struggle to get up the stairs to the loo. I have just had 3 days in hospital for steroid IV because I have been suffering with tremors for over 3 weeks ( even my teeth chatter )and fighting this has added to my fatigue also had pain behind my left eye. Whilst I was in my appointment yesterday I felt really ill, dizzy and hot and had a panic attack. My Neuro was great is sending me for more tests but this includes an appointment with Mental Health. Has anyone had experience of Mental Health assessments?

hi kirstie

i haven’t any experience with mental health but if you trust your neuro, trust the mental health people.

my friend works in mental health and she is lovely. she would never patronise or be judgemental.

hopefully the appointment is positive and even helpful.

good luck

carole xxxxxxx

Hi Kiestie

No I’ve not personally heard to this but some others may have done. Have you had a lumber puncture? As even if your MRI is clear the infection could show up in the spinal fluid. Limboland is an awful place to be especially when you are having relapses, so I hope you get some answers soon. Perhaps the mental health referal is to help you cope with the effects of the symptoms? I’m not sure and I think you could always ring and ask to speak to your Neuro to clarify this referal.

(((((((Hugs)))))) Mary

Hi Kirstie

I hope you get something sorted soon, it is not a nice place to be. Sounds similar to me but scan found lesion/s 1st time. I had the double vision but not so much vertigo until later. Do you feel worse if weather is nice or doesn’t it make any difference?

Good luck and please let us know how you get on.


Hi I see a shrink at min. It 2nd one as 1st was a wan**r. I have also had 3 day in the priory. Most expensive hol going. Shoud have gone to canaries, cheaper and better. If you get right sharing/ psychotherapist you be of. Trust them Mike:-)

Hi. I have a post in the just diagnosed forum. I am off to see a Neuro psych tomorrow. My gp and eppy nurse both agree it’s most likely ms but the Neuro I saw thinks I’m bonkers! He also blamed my age for my symptoms so I don’t have a lot of faith in him. Will let you know what it was like tomorrow.

Hi thanks for all your replies. I live in Spain so feeling a bit vulnerable. The heat really affects me, especially my feet which feel fit to explode most of the time. I don’t have the facility to speak to my Neuro between appointments so it leaves me with questions which have to wait for answers until the next appointment. I will keep you all posted on the Mental Health appointment. Just waiting for the phone call with the date xx

Well had my mental health appointment today. It’s bad enough feeling so Ill most of the time without this!! He basically asked me what I was going to do if all the test came back clear which they have to date. I flipped the question and asked him! He asked if I had a history of depression or panic attacks in the family…fair enough but no. Then he asked all about my relationship with my husband, do I pent up anger, am I a perfectionist, do I enjoy getting drunk, do I keep things which should be thrown away, how do I react when angry and am I a couch potatoe! I told him that I have never been off work sick before, I am an optimist positive person and that only thing bringing me down is being Ill with no diagnosis. Got to see him again 3 days before Neuro appointment.

Hi Nikkinakkinoo, how did your appointment go? X