Nasty Neuro!

Had an appointment with the Neuro today. I was the last patient of the day and she was already running 30 mins late, she had the snuffles so was in a foul mood. I am not better, am undiagnosed and have been ill since January. All the test have come back clear so far so it’s obviously in my head!! I still can’t walk properly and have considered using a stick, still have blurred vision, have constant tremours but am obviously better!! She was so horrible and dismissive and has referred me back to Mental Health who I have seen twice and told me that mentally there is nothing wrong and that they don’t need to see me again. She said she will see me again in 4 months unless there is any change. So I asked her what was wrong with me and she just shrugged and said " I don’t know". So I asked if I was just stuck like this, no comment. My report now states that I have had a Nervous crisis! The Neuro and her assistant then proceeded to talk to each other and dismissed me without even a “goodbye”. What a great day!!!

Hi Kirstie,

At least you had the insight to see that she was having a bad day too, so she may not be genuinely “nasty” - just stressed and feeling a bit yucky on the day you saw her.

Saying she does not know what’s wrong could be seen as dismissive, but could also be read as honest. Unfortunately, not every medical problem has nice, clearcut answers, which is not something most people realise, until they get something that does not nicely fit the boxes, and leaves the medics stumped!

At least she has not discharged you, which must mean she does not think it’s ALL psychological. Four months for a repeat appointment is relatively soon, too, in NHS terms, so she must be wanting to “keep an eye”. And the door has been left open to potentially see her sooner, if anything changed in the meantime.

So I don’t think it’s all bad news.

The referral back to Mental Health may be because she feels you need help dealing with the present anxieties and uncertainties, and not because she sees mental health as the root cause of your symptoms. If she honestly thought the latter, I don’t really know why she’d arrange to see you again. After all, if it was all mental health, it wouldn’t be anything a neurologist could help with, would it?


Oh Kirstie that is rotten for you! Honestly they have no idea how upsetting that attitude can be.

I know it’s hard to believe, but there is an ‘up side’ in your story. Many people get completely dismissed by the neuro, esp if the tests have all come back negative. BUT your neuro wants to see you again in 4 months. She might have been rude to you BUT she has not dismissed you! That is actually very positive.

I know it’s really hard when everyone’s treating you like it’s all in your head but unfortunately it does happen a lot. Take heart that you are going back in 4 months and hope that she’s in a better mood when you see her then!

Take care hon and try not to feel too bad about it. Plenty of people on here have had similar experiences.

Pat x

Thank you for your support, it really helps. She actually wanted to sign me off her records today but insisted that Mental Health gave a “Diagnosis” . Basically the last time I went to mental health, he said that everything seemed fine and that he did not need to see me again. Like so many people on here I am a very positive and previously active person so this illness, whatever it is, has completely knocked me for six. I live in Spain, so the good old NHS can’t be blamed for this. Thank you again for your support. Onwards and Upwards as they say!!, xxx

I don’t know if this is any help, kirstie, but after after failing to gain a “rapport” with my neuro, my GP is making a re referral to another with the support of my ms nurse who told me that it is very important to build a mutually respectful relationship with your neuro as they may become increasingly important to you as the years go on. Xx

My wife sees a Neurologist at East Surrey Hospital. Unfortunately for her he is the most unpleasant individual.

We have no alternative though - he is it and would you beleive he covers 500,000 patients. It’s absurd.

Even my wife’s GP (and her MS nurse) winces when discussing the chap. Unfortunately it’s the luck of the draw - you get a good one or a bad one.

It is absurd. But unfortunately not just confined to the NHS…my father was most perturbed when, having paid £15,000 for a private op recently, the consultant, whom he was seeing for a check up, came into the waiting room and barked out his surname like a sergeant major on inspection parade. It made me laugh when he told me and luckily he had calmed down by then and as ex forces he could see the funny side…but this was a good few days later!! You would like to think that people who choose to work in a people orientated career would actually like people??

Hi Mrs H, thanks for your reply. I think part of the problem is the “crisis” in Spain as there are only 2 Neuros covering such a wide area and they are general Neuros. This Neuro was the one who diagnosed me with probable MS and my GP is still convinced that it is. Back in January I couldn’t walk, had to be lifted onto a commode and also had paralysis of the optic nerve. . On one of the other appointments I had with her she admitted that the MRI may not take thin enough slices. In the last scan I had, my tremours were so bad that the nurse kept asking me to try and keep still. Anyway, less moaning, I think just to put my mind at rest I am going to look at going private and hopefully have a finer scan. Love your funny posts by the way, so keep them coming and I will try to keep mine a little more lighthearted after this latest rant!!! Xx

Hi EJC, sorry to hear that you wife has a “nasty Neuro” too! I can appreciate that they have bad days but perhaps they should put themselves in our shoes for a day and then perhaps their bedside manners would improve!! My Hubby gets very frustrated too if it helps xx

Rant away…like L’Oreal…we deserve it!!!

I think I would challege that statement or ask for it to be clarified in your notes as it seems deliberately ambiguous and I cant help thinking it may prejudice the reactions of anyone else reading it.