Melted chocolate

Most of us struggle in the heat.

It’s a bit like a piece of chocolate constantly melting and reforming. We’re left out of shape and feeling squonk. Every movement is guessed as we lose our ability to be measured. Change chairs? Sort of aim and hope? Get into bed? Aim and hope. Even the crafty juxtaposition of surfaces to ensure a smooth gapless transition can go awry.

As for thinking? Oh, what a mud-filled foggy function. It’s like that brainwashing scene from the Ipcriss File. We are Michael Caine as he agonises in the sea of mental storms.

Here is my week, should you wish to read it:


Wow you have had a busy week Steve especially on top of moving, which is exhausting in itself.

It sounds like everything to make your life easier are beginning to happen, which is good, and I hope your new wheelchair will prove to be the cherry on top of the cake for you.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend Steve, at least the football season has started, so we have something on TV worth watching, take care.

Pam x

Good blog Steve, the heat makes us all weak . I felt it this morning Rochelle put Naomi on my knee , I was so tired and my arms so weak and legs really heavy. Naomi wanted nana to “get out” and she thrust her little hand into mine thinking if nana got out “we could walk” , she doesn’t understand and to be fair if I hold on to my rail for dear life i can just about stagger down the path …but when the rail ends this nana ends up in a heap on the floor. Glad that you are settling in Steve. Michelle and Frazer