Medical Retirement

I finally heard this afternoon that I have been granted medical retirement on the grounds of incapacity after six months of waiting. I was made redundant from my job in 2009 after 20 years and received a good redundancy package as they were paying more than the required minimum. At the time It suited me because I was thinking about asking to go part-time as I wasn’t coping and was having a lot of time off. Because I was made redundant my pension was frozen and I thought that was it until retirement. It was when I went to see my neuro in January that he said I should apply for my pension on thr grounds of incapacity. I rang this afternoon to see how it was progressing and they said a letter was coming out to me today with the details. The person I spoke to said they were not allowed to say what the package was over the phone but he could tell me that it had been accepted. Anne x.

excellent news anne,

i got medical retirement a couple of years ago.

now how are you planning to spend your days?

carole x

Hi Carole, I plan to spend my days much as I do now. I haven’t been able to work since I was made redundant in April 2009 as my MS has deteriorated a lot since then. I am mostly confined to my wheelchair now and have gripping and bladder problems as well. Having said that I don’t let much stop me and try and carry on as normally as possible. I like reading, going to the theatre and going on holiday. I see a lot of my grandchildren. I will be 50 this year so I suppose it is relatively yoing to retire. My husband is still at work and I rely on him to take me out and about but I have several lovely friends who are always visiting and they take me out to lunch etc. I have been so busy lately because we moved house 5 weeks ago so plenty to do. We also had the sudden death of my brother in law 2 weeks ago so just coming to terms with that. Anne x