Medical Retirement?

Hello all Just want to know if anyone has any experience with Medical Retirement? Or know anything about it? I have been paying into an NHS pension although minimal amounts unfortunately due to my now 9 hours/week. Oh and the lovely ATOS people say I’m fit for work!!! Although my health has deteriorated recently. I’ve heard some people can get a payout? Will I get a pension? Should I re-apply for ESA? Sorry lots of questions!! Just don’t know what to do Thanks for reading and advice will be appreciated xxx

Hello Rachel,

Appeal. I have no experience of ATOS but an appeal does seem to do the trick + get a letter from your doctor. Are you associaed with an MS Therapy Centre, they will usually have someone who will help out with the beauracy of form filling and knows what answer to give for each question.

No pension until you are at pensionable age. I am medically retired, DLA and Incapacity work benefit or what ever it is called. Retired in Jan 2012 and no assessment by ATOS.

Why did you stop work? Do you have reason for retirement? Talk to MS Therapy Centre, CAB or MS Nurse. Medical retirement is a one way street but you must get some advice/help

Hope this helps


Hi Rachel,

I am medically retired.

The first thing you need to get is your employer to declare you “Unfit to Work”

Bearing in mind you have already been assessed by ATOS, and declared fit. So there is a possibility that you may not recieve ESA but JSA instead, after a period of time.

Your pension provider may have to decide if they would retire you on “ill health” reasons to access your works pension.

You state that it is only a small pension scheme you have contributed to, so be prepared for bad news. It all depends on your age, contributions, working age left, lenght of service and other various factors to many to list …

I think you need to talk to someone, try your MS branch, they may have someone close to you who can help more.

I hope all goes well. Andy

The NHL have a policy regarding ill health retirement and taking your pension early. The usual procedure is to have a period off sick before an application is made. You could find out the details from HR The bad news is that a pension based on 9 hours work will be very small, certainly not enough to live on. You would definitely need to claim ESA as well. If you have had an ESA claim declined you need it wait 12 weeks before you can claim again. I do not know that you will have enough NI contributions ( based on 9 hours) and your personal circumstances will determine if you could get income based ESA Jane

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Thanks so much everyone…not been well enough to reply till now. Patrick_b You asked why I have stopped work: I am currently on sick-leave and suffering with Cognitive Fatigue. I have physical fatigue but the cognitive problems make it hard to function with without making mistakes and understanding things…therefor I will have to hand my notice in. I just want to see what my options are before found so. Welsh Pony thanks it will look into JAS and speak to my employer re declaring that I’m unfit for work. Wendels… Thanks and thanks for making me laugh! Doubt any of us will be Jockeys lol Again I really appreciate all of you helpful input you are kind xxxxxx

Hi Rachel,

Still apply for ESA, because if you qualify, you will be put into either “work related or support related groups” depending on your assessment.

But because you have already been assessed for fit to work, previously by ATOS.

I think you could be placed in the work related group at the lower rate of the allowance.

At worst you maybe able to claim JSA.

Good luck. Andy

Hi Rachel

I have supported two people who have been found fit for work by ATOS and therefore had their ESA stopped.

The ATOS reports had little credibility as they awarded 0 points meaning there was no reason at all (in their opinion) why the people could not work - when all the medical advice said there was very good reason. Their decisions just didn’t make sense.

In both cases we appealed to DWP and lost. In both cases I helped the people through a tribunal appeal and won. In one case I have taken this succesfully through two tribunals. The judges and doctors on the tribunal were very helpful and sympathetic every time

So stick with it and get as much written evidence from doctors or other sources as you can. ATOS have an appalling reputation and seem to be on a mission to help stop benefit payments whether they are justified or not.

good luck

Hello Rachel,

Appeal, appeal, appeal. Get the right people on your side and get written evidence (MS Consultant, GP, friends who are in a profession supporting your case) Do you use an MS Therapy Centre, they may well help.

Do not leave stuff until tomorrow

As Davids says there is real hope so do not give up.

Good luck,