Medical Retirement?

Hello all Just want to know if anyone has any experience with Medical Retirement? Or know anything about it? I have been paying into an NHS pension although minimal amounts unfortunately due to my now 9 hours/week. Oh and the lovely ATOS people say I’m fit for work!!! Although my health has deteriorated recently. I’ve heard some people can get a payout? Will I get a pension? Should I re-apply for ESA? Sorry lots of questions!! Just don’t know what to do Thanks for reading and advice will be appreciated xxx


hi rachel

medical retirement will only come about once occupational health have become involved.

basically you will have to have had the maximum amount of time off.

i worked for local government and i had 6 months off sick on full pay then 6 months on half pay.

i knew that they wanted me to take reduced hours but i was reluctant - pension is based on your most recent salary.

get advice from your union, CAB and anyone else who is able to advise.

keep copies of letters from your neuro

good luck

carole x