Mebeverine & neuro appointment

Hi all

Does anyone take Mebeverine for bowel incontinence? I’ve been prescribed only three weeks ago after literally begging for help despite this starting in 1996 with a gap of 11 years before it started again in 2007 and has become more and more frequent.

I think I was hoping for a miracle cure but nothing seems to have changed. Does anyone know if it takes a few weeks? Don’t know how to access the continence advisor but I do have an appointment with Neuro tomorrow which again I had to beg for as I collapsed at Christmas and lost vision in my right eye along with pain in back of eye. Eye symptoms were new this time.

Just wondered if anyone had any experience of Mebeverine. By the way I’m also on Amantandine and hoping to get some help with leg spasms - any recommendations that I can ask for tomorrow?

I am 50 years old in three weeks and only dip in to this site from time to time but all help and replies much appreciated.

Thank you for reading


I’ve taken it in the past, I felt it helped at first but not long term so came off of it.

I’ve not taken it, but if your bowel incontinence is because of chronic diarrhoea, I can recommend loperamide - my lifesaver! (I also take spasmonal forte and omeprazole.)

Karen x

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