Bladder and bowel incontinence

My name is Bettina, I am 55 and I have suffered from ms since 2016 and developed moderate/severe urge and frequency bladder incontinence about 2 years ago. I was relatively recently prescribed mirobegron which although effective caused really bad side effects so I stopped taking it. I have a telephone appointment with uroneurology but it is not until October. I am concerned about taking any medication that may be prescribed by the GP in the meantime as a neurology consultant told me that the ones able to be prescribed by a GP have an impact on cognitive functions. Does anyone have an suggestions about medication or other remedies they have found to be effective?
I also suffer from occasional bowel incontinence which is highly embarrassing and inconvenient. Again has anyone come across any effective medication or other treatments?

Hello Bettina

Bowels and bladders were surely sent from hell to bedevil us (if I believed in such things!)

I think your neurologist is right, your GP could probably only offer things like Oxybutinin which can have a detrimental effect on cognitive function in later life.

You could ask your GP if they are able to prescribe Trospium. It’s an anticholinergic drug in the same class as oxybutynin (which is why your GP might be able to prescribe it). My urologist suggested it to me saying (somewhat cheekily) that she often prescribes it for her more ‘elderly’ patients. Then she laughed. I’m 54!!

Not that I give a stuff about being lumped in with the elderly! If it’s going to protect my brain then I’ll take it.

It wasn’t really for me ultimately, mixed with my other drugs, the dry mouth and eyes weren’t very pleasant. But if you can get it prescribed it’s worth a try.

I couldn’t take Mirabegron/Betmiga either. Elevated liver functions (damm awful offal!).

With regard to bowel incontinence, have you heard of Peristeen? It is a method of ‘washing out’ your bowel or bowel irrigation. I can’t put a third party url on here but if you do a Google search on Peristeen you’ll find it. The point behind it is that by gaining a regulated bowel management system, you choose when to empty your bowel and so you don’t run the risk of incontinence.

I hope you get sorted with both B & B. Incontinence is horrible.



Hey Bettina
Sue always gives excellent advice.
My road for sorting out my bladder was intermittent self catheterisation . Which sounds very scary but totally transformed my life. Enabling me to empty my bladder painlessly when I wanted. So avoiding accidents and constantly looking for loos when out.
Also bladder Botox really helps me too
Bowels yes my nightmare constantly constipated with occasional faecel incontinence thrown in to keep me on my toes
As Sue says peristeen is an option. But it is a massive large contraption. My MS nurse told me bout something called quofora. This is smaller but haven’t actually got it yet - I am in a process arghhh
I suggest for your bladder and bowels phone your local hospital and ask to be put through to the continence team - you should’ve able to self refer. They should be amazing guiding you through this embarrassing scenario- they have seen it all before. Just takes courage from you to leave your dignity at the door!!!
Hope all goes well and sorry if this is too much information
Socially distanced hug
Min xx


Hey Min,
Thanks for your understanding. The more options I can talk to about with my GP the better (I have an appointment on Monday). I have got a telephone appointment scheduled with uroneurology at UCLH (I live in Bath) but not until 8th October! I will talk to my GP about the local hospital incontinence team.
Thanks again for sharing your experience.
A socially distanced hug to you.
Bettina :hugs::kissing_heart:

Hi Sue, thank you for your compassion and thoughtful advice. I am speaking with my GP on Monday so this will certainly help in my decision making. Keep well :heavy_heart_exclamation:Bettina