Meant to be starting Kesimpta

Hi, I am just looking for some advice please. Thank you in advance.
I have RRMS for 12 years I had a bad relapse when I was first diagnosed I got put onto Copaxone then I had a baby took a break went into brabio for a a few years had some hugs pins & needles but last year a good mri with no new lesions unlike the last 10 years. This year I had another new lesion even though I feel fine like I don’t have ms I get fatigue from time to time I do need my sleep, but I was surprised. But now my consultant wants me to start Kesimpta which I am not overly keen on I have a 3 year old about to start nursery and bring home all the bugs which worry’s me with how Kesimpta will lower my immune system. I am not sure because of this if not to go on to it. Really unsure.

I just started Kesimpta this month. I think all DMDs affect your immunity; they target the confused antibodies, that attack the myelin in your body I believe.
It took me a few years to decide to get back on DMD after I had such bad side effects from the last one.
I feel I need protection from future relapse as I think my MS is now shifting from RR to next stage --further relapses starting to take its toll.
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Dear Shorty, I too am awaiting the start of my new life with Kesimpta. I teach and have had reservations about starting a DMT, that inevitably reduces one’s immunity. I have been reassured, by my MS nurse, regular hand washing and taking a little more care with proximity to obviously-unwell children should make things manageable. Let’s stay in touch so we can share experiences and tips, offer support, and even, perhaps, grumble. I hope it goes well for you and your family.

Hi Richard, thanks for your reply. Are you about to start it?
I am glad it’s not just me that’s feels unsure, I am still very unsure it plays on my mind regularly especially with my toddler already bringing germs home. How do you feel about the side effects to? I have another lot of blood tests this week to double check my hep b levels then may need a hep b jab which will leave me a few me weeks wait.

How did you get on with Kesimpta, Shorty? I’m also considering it (just recently diagnosed) but have a 16 month old in nursery, we’ve been poorly the majority of this year without the help of a DMT! I also have the option of Copaxone but thrice weekly injections for pretty poor efficacy doesn’t sound too clever. Hope you’re keeping well :slight_smile:


I chose not to go on Kesimpta as I to have a little lady in nursery and have been poorly way to much already this year to. When I was first diagnosed I was on copaxone for many years no side effects.
Hope you get on ok.