Mavenclad or Gilenya??!

Hey All …This is my first post, I first was on Rebif, then I changed to Avonex, thankfully Tecfidera came out so I happily moved onto that treatment, I have been on Tecfidera for around 2 years. I was diagnosed with MS in 2010, between 2010 and March 2019 I only ever suffered 1 major relapse and a few not so major relapses (these relapses were hardly noticeable to me). Last month, the right side of my body all went numb, I found it very difficult to walk! The cause of this numbness was because the MRI scan showed a little bit of inflammation on the right side of my spine, after a course of steroids im back to ‘normal’

My neurologist has recommended that I change my medication. He has suggested Mavenclad or Gilenya, I have read up on both of these drugs and they both come with lots of side effects. I’d like to know if anyone else is on either of these drugs and has it made any difference to you.

Any thoughts please?

Thank you



I’ve been on Gilenya for nine years (I started taking it as part of a clinical trial). I’ve had no side effects other than some mild neuropathic pain shortly after the trial started. The pain went away after a few weeks and I’ve had no problems since. I’ve had one relapse in the nine years that I’ve been taking Gilenya, which was a period of Uthoff’s Phenomenon. I’ve also got spasticity in both calves, but I don’t know whether Gilenya could have prevented that.

I don’t know anything about Mavenclad. I hope my experience with Gilenya is useful.