fingolimod or tecfidera?


I have relapse remit MS, having been on Avonex injections for over a year, I will now be moving across to tablets, my problem is that I dont know whether I should go for tefidera or fingolimod.

My MS has not been as active as others. I am very confused and after looking up both on the internet, I am just as lost as I was before. Would be great if some fingolimod and tecfidera users could advise their treatment experiences? At least I can gain some direction based on actual experiences rather than the few harrowing experiences which seem to pop up



I take the Tec and can offer no reason to you for why you shouldn’t take it.

Easily tolerable.

Few mild side effects which are quickly managed on the rare occasions they arise.

Statistically significant success rates under scientific trials.

Easy dosing regime and convenient to administer and store.

No limitations on diet, lifestyle or alcohol intake.

Some possible impacts for those on oral contraceptives (?)

Not a needle in sight.

Too bloody easy!

I’ve been on Gilenya (fingolimod) for 18 months and have had no side effects. You have to spend a day at hospital for the first dose as it lowers your heart rate so you have to have an ECG before you are cleared to start it and you have to be monitored for the first six hours after taking the first tablet. After that, it’s one tablet a day and it’s a doddle. I did have 4 good years on Rebif but it stopped working for me so I had to make the switch. Good luck whatever you decide.

Tracey x