Hi all, been on Gilenya since november 2013, but had severe liver reaction to the drug. Been told tecfidera is out next month, so try that? Has anyone heard or been on/offered this new drug? Thank you x

Hi Shellie, I am due to start Tecfidera next month/early November.

Hi Shellie I live in scotland I was on copaxone but had a bad reaction to the drug have been advised by my neurologist that my next option is tectifera which I will be starting soon.

Great to be of injections but a bit worried about side affects but have to remain positive about what the drug is for as it reduces relapses by 50 percent.

Good luck Anne.

Hi all starting hi all starting or already on Tec. I started a week ago, so far so good, but can’t help feeling anxious? Waiting for it to go wrong. Ies effecting my liver, I so don’t want that again! Good luck to you all, let’s all hope this is the one that kicks MS butt haha

Michelle xx


I’ve been on Tec about six weeks. Some side effects but it’s fine. There’s a great FB group you can join for us with loads of advice and tips. It’s typically different for everyone. Good luck