Gilenya or Mavenclad?

Hello there,

I was diagnosed with MS about 7 years ago and have been on DMDs for the last 2 years, first Tecfidera and then Brabio. Brabio doesn’t seem to be working for me and my consultant is now suggesting a stronger drug, either Gilenya or Mavenclad. Do others have experience/thoughts/advice about these two drugs? I’m apprehensive about both, but think I’m leaning more towards Mavenclad. I can’t find anything on this forum about either drug but would really appreciate any thoughts anyone might have. Thank you!

Good morning Drug choices are difficult…i was swapped from tecfidera to mavenclad last year. In year one you take a week of tablets in month one, then another 4 weeks later. Then nothing happens in terms of tablets till a year later where you take two more rounds. During the year you’ll get blood tests to check lymphocytes. It’s straightforward and i hadn’t really experienced side effects apart from a bit of fatigue.

Thank you for your response. It’s good to hear that Mavenclad has been ok for you. I hope it’s proving effective too. Did you have to isolate for a while after taking the tablets? Also, do you know what happens after Yr 4? I’ve read that you take the tablets in Yr 1 and Yr 3 but can’t find any info about the longer term.

Good morning You take tablets in year 1 and 2. Nothing after. They will give me yearly checks and mri to see if I’m stable. If there’s disease progression, I’ll be offered another drug treatment but not mavenclad anymore from what i understand. I was tested jcv+ which a lot of people are, so mavenclad was the safer drug for me compared to other ones. There’s a mavenclad facebook group which offers helpful insights too. All the best

Oh and last year i was on the shielding list but they’ve changed it since. I’m back at work in a school and starting year two of mavenclad next week.

Thanks. I like the idea of nothing more after yr 2! And thanks for the tip about the Facebook group. I’ll have a look at that. Good luck with your next lot of Mavenclad. Hope all goes well.