matriarch v patriarch

ok, summat we have sort of seen before, but lets give it a go, eh?

Regardless of whether we have MS or not…diagnosed or not…

who is the youngest and eldest on these here boards?

All we need to put is our gender and year of birth.

I`ll kick it off with mine.

female 1952…probably one of the older bunch


Ok Female 1967.

Female, January 1960. Though I do have a problem accepting that! I’ve been taken for ten years younger on many occasions and definitely so in my head. Actually in my head I’m still 17! :slight_smile:

Male, born in 21 May 1471.

546 going on 23

So that makes me Gemini.

Which represents two different personalities in one and you will never be sure which one you will face. They are sociable, communicative and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly go bananas and exaggerate to extremes any idea or notion expressed to them. Most likely to live in an Ivory Tower.

Today’s Horoscope:

This is a day made for social contacts and it could take you to the places you wished to visit for a while (even Sussex?). If you have a chance organise a small gathering, surround yourself with friends, and talk about irrelevant issues wearing a smile on your face (insert smiley face). You will feel loved and cherished. Make this day count because it won’t happen again for another two years and 56 days when Saturn enters the House of Gabapentine.

Your lucky politician is Osborne and your favourite pay grade is £620,000 p.a.


Look, this is just crazy…how can i fairly reckon you into the poll?

If youre gonna be silly about it, Im gonna take Boudica`s age. She lurked around the earth around 608 AD,absolutely nowt to do with you Ant on those letters.

Perhaps you could be the honorary patriarch…then I`ll have to be the honorary matriarch.

It`s spoiling my thread.

You`re just trying to scuttle my chances of rivalling the amount of posts I get, arent you?

But have we got that many members…or members loony enough to take a blind bit of notice of daft threads, which just get dafter and dafter?


female 1958

Oooh, you don’t want to get Boudicas dander up.

Spoil her thread and she’ll get her chariots out. You could find the might of the Iceni laying siege to Durer Towers. If you want to stand a chance Albie, you’d better lay in a store of arrows and boiling oil. Mind you, weaponry had made significant advances by the 15th /16th centuries so you might have superior forces against her. I wouldn’t expect her to be merciful if you lose though.


male 1952

what month?

I lay claim to 1st October! Born around tea time I believe…must be why I favour cucumber sandwiches!


year 65 summer of love apparently, no bob 4 the meter, & no telly

Female - 1965

Also, new member here, been a little shy to say hi. …so umm, waves Hi!

~Soo. /(",)\

A truthful June 1951 born in God’s country scotland


April 1954 Leigh Lancashire when there were coal mines, before Maggie Thatcher


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Please dont think I’m being a t*t babes, but everyone’s country is Gods country, mine being Wales. No horribleness,we are all proud methinks, but united. Cept 4 when we play rugby , fair dues!!! Tracey x

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We had some horrible mine accidents here, Gresford, Aberfan, horrible mining incidences, please don’t think I’m being nonchalant, I’m certainly not, but in away I’m glad there wont be anymore, heartbreak in Wales will never be forgotten.(I’m not standing up 4 Maggie Thatcher though, woman or not!) Personal loss, through mining, I hate the industry, sorry.

God’s country? Ireland.

Now who mentioned rugby? laughdevil

Watched it with honorary pride hunny, celts & all!!! We will say no more

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Hi Soo!! Welcome, same age as me, no need to be shy! Tracey x

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