Has anyone used air compression massage? I have swollen calf muscles and have been told that massage can help

hi anon

i have had issues for many years on my right side trying several things to reduce swelling.

raising legs whilst seated, lying flat for an hour to make circulation easier, circulation booster (revitive machine), circling ankles, up on tiptoes.

currently i am the poorest i have been in ages with the right side being quite horrendous as most of the previous things that did help arent any more BUT what has helped is physical good old fashioned massage to leg. its currently being maintained by my carers and massage therapist 4 times a week but not sure how long i can keep that going!

the colour and heat is improved for an hour (which is mega for me!) as its normal frozen and various different colours.

i would suggest that any massage would be of benefit but ask a professional for advice. (ask re a possible healing crisis, a good therapist will explain what that is!)

take care, ellie

ps i hadnt heard of air compression massage.

Hi, Thank you for your reply. The air compression is like large Velcro wraps around the legs and sends electrical impulses through the legs. (Best way I can describe it) Bit expensive at £60+ plus though. I also have the revitive machine but that doesn’t now seem to be working so well. I have now found another electrical impulse machine which you can target at specific areas so I am going to give that a go. I see my MS nurse in a couple of weeks so I will also speak to her about it. I am sorry you have had this for so long but it is good to hear you have now found some relief. Take care

hiya again

just had another thought! sounds very similar to a tens machine. you could borrow one from gp surgery (i hope!) they are not just for pain relief during giving birth!

thanks for your kind wishes. i have lived with ms for a long time now, all i am trying to do is maintain the small things that i can do. we are all so different, its a minefield to find the right thing that gives us relief-then the goalposts change again!

exercise throughout life does help (i have athletic club trophies and done aerobics for 30+years) i do believe that all helps (and my stubborn attitude! lol) hope you find whatever suits you.


I’d never heard of air compression massage so I looked it up. If the machines work, they’d help with my swollen feet and ankles. For the first time in my life I have f’ankles! Any tips (anyone?) as to which work best? Or worst? I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on something that won’t do a thing to help. I can’t use compression stockings because they make eczema on my feet go bananas and that is horrible. (Itchy scaly lizard like feet! - Put that together with the f’ankles plus failure to cut my troll like toenails and my lower legs and feet are beauteous to behold!) Thanks for bringing the compression things to my notice Crazee Puss. Sue

Hi, Yes the Air compression machines look good but £60+ is a lot to pay if it doesn’t work. I have just purchased this RENPHO Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager for… One of the reviewers’ has MS so with 5 stars I am hoping I can’t go wrong. I am also trying the stockings so “fingers crossed”. Must admit my husband gets the job for the “toenails” How long have you both had this “god forsaken curse” I am now in year 26. Take care both of you and hope you find some relief soon

My husband has forsworn the toenail job. He just says he’ll get one of the beauticians from his gym to do it - @ £25 per go, I don’t think so!! So I manage to hack at them with clippers a bit (with elastic bands round them so they don’t slip!) and with an electric filler thing one of the chaps here recommended.

I count my MS years from my 30th birthday, just over 22 and a half years ago. That’s when one of my fingers went numb and stayed numb. I remember asking a colleague ‘Is this normal? Should I see a doctor?’ I did, luckily she took it seriously and referred me to a neurologist.

I am getting really fed up with the oedema from sitting in a wheelchair so much. It wasn’t bad when I could walk a bit but all this year my walking has got worse and worse.


hiya cc

14 years for me. had a life changing 48hrs in 2012 which changed my life beyond recognition-mostly due to this one relapse. currently struggling with various issues but i feel its important to throw in my tuppence worth whenever i can to show folk that you can participate for as long as possible despite how hard it is. (one eye, typing with one finger, total right side weakness, speech/swallowing issues, bowel and bladder troubles, swollen right leg lol and some other things that i just get on with.

i dont believe in ‘fighting the the ms’ prefering to accept and deal with as i can. but no two of us are the same-we are all unique-just like everybody else!

take care, ellie

Hiya, I was fine until about 6 years ago. First, foot drop on the left side, have used an FES for 5 years. The right one went end of last year , so now FES on both legs. But do use a wheelchair more and more now. Like you I now have bowel and bladder problems and also suffer with Trigeminal Neuralgia which is THE WORST. Just makes me want to end it all. Although I do seem to have this under control now more or less since I have been taking Gabapentin. Still lucky enough to have a full time job but now work three days a week from home. My boss’s partner also has MS so I have been very lucky that I have been able to do this. This does give me something else to focus on and I find this helps my state of mind. As you say, we are all different. Have a good day.

I occasionally get swelling in the feet and ankles, mainly because I’m in the wheelchair most of the time. Massage certainly helps me. It’s just a light touch massage with the feet elevated, basically to move the fluid back up the legs. Derek

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