Many thanks to the MS society grant people.

Just a quick thank you to Michael and Sara of the MS society grant people, who recently sent me a new multigym and an expensive treadmill to help keep me mobile. Also thanks to Dennis of the RAF Benevolent fund for contributing towards the cost (I am ex-RAF). Many thanks again. Steve

That’s great Steve!

Pat x

Lovely to read good news like that, so pleased for you Steve.

Pam x

How wonderful!

During the times I was told i had PPMS, the local branch of MS helped me with a wet floor and my hoists.

Such kindness is lovely!

Enjoy your equipment.

luv Pollx

Enjoy them. I hope they help you. I have been in bed for the last six weeks and in that time I have lost nearly alll my tone, I can hardly move even with my frame. You have to try hard to keep mobile, I am now getting physio and awaiting rehab in hospital. I hope they keep you in better shape than I am at the moment. Good Luck.