Many tests but no MS diagnosis

In Feb 2021 I woke up blind in 1 eye with sever pain when moving the eye from side to side. I was referred to the opticians who conducted multiple tests over several hours before sending me to the eye casualty at the hospital. Following more tests there was sent home and a week later received a letter to go back for a check up. Second appointment confirmed I had ON in my right eye (still not recovered and could look directly at the sun and not even see it) and blood tests were taken and MRI referral made. Had MRI in July '21 and referred to neurologist. Heard nothing so thought no news is good news, however in Feb 22 received a letter from eye clinic for check up - asked if I’d seen the neurologist and had my MRI results which I had not (seen anyone of been given the results). Eye consultant informed me I had lesions on the brain and would refer me again to the neurologist. (Wow, long story - apologies). Went on holiday in March, came home to a letter from the neurology department at the Walton Centre for a phone appointment with the neurologist in April. On the call, was diagnosed with CIS possible MS but needed a further MRI scan. I have had appointments with the MS nurse, Urologists (have to have a bladder scan), Physio, Occupational Health but nobody has mentioned doing a lumber puncture - is this normal? Do they always do a lumbar puncture or does it depend.
Had my second MRI scan in May, MS nurse called early June to say there had been changes to the lesions in my brain, but I’d have to have another MRI scan as they hadn’t injected the dye on my first one, so now I am waiting for the results of the 3rd scan, having other appointments and trying to understand what’s going on. I have symptoms which include, numbness and tingling in lips and tongue, pain in left leg and foot, back ache, hand numbness, dead/numb left arm when I wake up, dizziness and vertigo, fatigue and constantly urinating. Apologies for the long post and than you

Hi @Paul2 , in answer to your question on LP, I haven’t had a lumbar puncture and my diagnosis Sept 21 was definitive. If you look on the NHS website about diagnosis it will tell you reasons why you may not need one.
I had an MRI with contrast (dye) then in for the results. You need to show 2 clearly different attacks on mri and have some form of physical abnormality - mine is sensory reduction in my right foot, EDSS1, now on meds and feel tip top 95% of the time. (The other 5% I feel like poop, but I can live with that)

I didn’t have a massive back catalogue of symptoms either but when I look back, things were far more frequent than I thought cos I was busy ignoring everything!

Sounds like you’ve had a bit of messing around, hopefully your 3rd scan will provide closure for you and you can get on the meds asap and learn how to live your new life.

All the best x