Mandatory Reconsideration


Can anyone tell me approximately how long it takes for a decision to be made after a Mandatory Reconsideration request please?

I sent the letter explaining why I disagree with the decision & a supporting letter from my MS Nurse to back it up on July 31st, so 3 weeks ago now.

I’m fully expecting to have to go to appeal but hoping not!!

I needed 1 more point for enhanced daily living which I should have got through the eating & drinking and communication descriptors. I was awarded nil points for using a lidded/weighted cup due to tremor. I was also awarded nil points for using a voice amplifier when my voice becomes very weak. There are more reasons I can give but on those 2 descriptors alone I feel I should have been awarded some points and so did my MS Nurse & Welfare Rights Advisor.

Best Wishes to All


I’ve just checked the members only guide. They say that the DWP may set strict timescales for claimants, but they have no time limit within which they are required to decide upon a mandatory reconsideration. Although most are decided within about 30 days.

If you are turned down and you’ve not joined Benefits and Work, and/or got some help from the CAB or another welfare rights adviser to help you appeal, I’d recommend you do either or both. B&W charge about £20 per year for membership, but their guides are excellent, up to date and accurate.

Good luck, it certainly sounds like you should have received points for those two Descriptors. Although if you had already been awarded points for those specific Activities, you wouldn’t get more points, you score the relevant points for the highest of whichever Descriptor applies within each Activity, ie just one score for each Activity.


Hi Sue,

Thanks for replying. I’ve joined B&W and used their guidelines/template and CABs advice to fill in both the original application form & letter for mandatory consideration, so I guess it’s wait and see. As you said they don’t give any time constraint on when they need to reply yet only gives us a month to appeal, it doesn’t seem fair somehow?

Best Wishes,


It’s the DWP Sandie, of course it’s not fair!!!

Fingers X’d for your MR to be successful and to avoid the appeal process.



Just want to say good luck with your MR, I expect that you will hear soon. Mine took 5 long weeks all I was doing was waiting for the postman every day it drove me barmy. I actually got turned down for my MR , I did not go for the appeal as new evidence came to light after my assessment (as the appeal judges only can comment on the day that you went for your assessment). So I sent new evidence to the DWP , I had to fill out another ESA form as well. I have just heard (which took another 4 weeks) that I have got ESA and I am in the support group with no further assessments. It has been a long battle since November 2017. It’s good news but I would rather be well instead :frowning:

What I am trying to say is never ever give up, even if you get turned down keep bombarding them with evidence.


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You can also phone and sk if they have made their decision yet.

I called last year and they gave me my decision. I lost, but won on appral.

Good luck and stay strong.

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At last I have received the mandatory reconsideration decision after approx. 9 weeks. I was successful and now have got enhanced for both for 6yrs.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support & good luck to others going through this stressful process.

Sandie x


Well done on negotiating this hostile environment successfully.


At last I have received the mandatory reconsideration decision after approx. 9 weeks. I was successful and now have got enhanced for both for 6yrs.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support & good luck to others going through this stressful process.

Sandie x

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Brilliant news. Well done for persevering! And a decent length of time too.

Good luck to everyone else going through the torture of DWP claims. It is so often the case that the MRs do the job. Failing that, appeal! Just keep your spirits up, and don’t let the b@stards get the better of you.


Wonderful news!

Well done Sandie, it’s over yippee ;). I don’t know if you are the same but I did not jump for joy when mine was settled, I was so stressed out for months in all I did not quite believe it when I got the letter. I am still fuming of what they put you through it is not right. Anyway keep smiling. Best wishes Curly x

That’s excellent news Sandie, not sure I fully understand the 6 years however. Charlie

A good point Charlie, I wonder why a ‘10 year ongoing’ wasn’t granted?

Mind you, the way things are going, we need to ask - will PIP or Universal Credit exist in 6 years time?

Lord David Freud’s welfare reforms could all be scrapped soon. Hopefully.

well exactly, I am hoping 6 years will be a nicer “time and place”.

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Yes, feel pretty much the same but I guess it’s something that has to be done


I’m not sure why it was 6 yrs, could it be anything to do with my age, I’m 64 now? I have SPMS so it’s doubtful I’ll get any better in 6yrs. I too think everything will change again in the future.

Best wishes, Sandie x

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Yes Sandie when you reach retirement age you will have to come off PIP and apply for Attendance Allowance.

  • "physically or mentally disabled
  • aged 65 or over"

So you will have to go through another assessment soon.

YOU have to let the DWP know when you reach 65yrs,

so they don’t over pay you PIP.

That’s not actually correct. If you are receiving PIP when you reach the age of 65, you continue to qualify for it. It’s actually one of the few advantages over attendance allowance - there is no mobility component to AA, but if you’re in receipt of the mobility component of PIP upon reaching the age of 65, you continue to receive it.

Weird, but true.

Otherwise, it’s generally easier to qualify for AA than PIP, if you only qualify for the Everyday Living part of PIP that is.

I suggest you phone the DWP to check this out Sandie. I don’t think even the DWP are stupid enough to give you a 6 year award if next year you stop qualifying for it.


Sue is right Sandie, if nothing changes when you hit 65 & you have no access to a magic wand (wouldn’t that be nice!!) your PIP will continue. You have been awarded it before your 65 th, so don’t worry about another assessment for a long while, unless you find that wand!!! xx