Male bladder urgency - Conveen catheter

I suffer from bladder urgency. I seldom have an accident , but seldom go out anywhere! I’m thinking of trying the Conveen external catheter system. Does anyone have any experience of the device, and is it ‘safe’ ? ie does it ever leak? I want freedom! John

John I have used conveen for a number of years. To me, they are a life-saver allowing me to be independent and worry free when out or at work. I get uninterrupted sleep at night Accidents can occur but they are 99% safe for me. They are simple to get and deliver quickly and accurately without advertising. The telephone order line is brilliant. Neil

Hi John,I hope you’re Ice cream isn’t melting too quickly and you get a thunder storm .To business; I used the Conveen system a couple of years ago and liked it a lot.I agree with Neil,but I got their free demo-pack and used three of the doodahs and have two left.I’m fortunate that I don’t need them yet, but it pleases me greatly to know there is a solution out there.

Something I’ve started to do which helps me to empty my bladder is to sit on the back of the toilet seat with my back touching the cistern, with my legs as wide as possible.This seems to improve ‘the angle of the dangle’ and allow gravity be effective as possible.By bending forwards I can squeeze the last few drops.Costs nowt so it might be worth a whizz,so to speak,

Good luck,


When your calf muscle becomes noticable,empty it in toilet.Helpful tip when out with the lads!

Oh,so a pub car park doesn’t count? Herself wasn’t 'arf jealous.


Or even whilst in the pub and droppin’ a full bag,leavin’ the conveen hanging gracefully amid THE WET PATCH…Never lose pride!!!

Hi John

I’ve been using them for a few years now & they’ve made a massive difference. Things like long car journeys, going somewhere without an easily accessible toilet, or simply sleeping through the night, were always a nightmare until I found out about conveens, leg bags & night bags. As Neil says, they’re not a 100% leak proof, but they’re still massively more reliable than my own dodgy bladder control.