Coloplaat male sheath and bag

Does anyone have experience of using the Coloplast sheath and urinary leg bag? Is it reliable and easy to use? I suffer from urgency and don’t venture away from the house for anymore than 1.5 hours. I’d like some freedom!



i can’t speak highly enough. Probably 95% reliable.

Am out for 10 hours a day but have done 18 hours before now without a problem.

can use them with shorts as well.

give them a call


Greetings,I’ve been using a Pop On conveen for more than 18 months.By using the Conveen protective prep wipes and microporous tape I can leave the sheath in place for 10 days or more.I use an adapted 2 Litre night bag which is ‘attached’ to my left lower leg and can empty it when required.The system has been getting refined for 18 months and nothing has turned green or dropped off.I use a sticky adhesive removal spray and give everything a good swill and an airing for a few hours on ‘change day’. Oh,I am confined to a power chair and get out of the flat for a few hours every day.

My left hand has virtually no sensitivity and the beloved favourite right is going the same way,so long term it is a bit of a concern. The Continence Nurse was very impressed with the set-up,but is only allowed to fit the conveen daily and not use tape.Protocol…but I’m thinking of a way he can do what he’s allowed to and I’ll do the rest when he shuts his eyes

I was fitted with a Super Dooper Pubic Catheter last year but my bladder rejected it and 'cos I’m a bad statistic they won’t be trying again.What I’m doing works, the medical fraternity are very impressed and I’m happy that I can just get on with my normal abnormality.