Make cannabis oil legal petition.

Here’s the link:

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Um why?

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This is the statement on the petition page.

Make cannabis oil (THC & CBD) legal and available on the NHS

To help combat diseases such as cancer, MS, epilepsy and other debilitating and life threatening diseases.

Cannabis oil has been scientifically proven over and over again to help combat side effects and help battle the diseases stated above, and many more conditions.

We are asking for a MEDICAL marijuana program, people will get a prescription from a doctor to qualify as a patient. Cannabis oil has been vital to a lot of successful recovery stories and there have been many instances of medical ‘miracles’ achieved by patients using this plant.

From combating the nausea from chemo to helping epilepsy patients have a fit free day the evidence is there and lots of it, who is anyone to deny these patients the treatment they want.


I used CBD oil and I source it from the Netherlands.

My understanding is that using hemp flowers to extract the CBD oil and its usage is perfectly legal within the UK, as long as the hemp used is a strain approved by the EU.

The problem lies with cannabis oil, which is deemed to be illegal.

The following link appears to explain the issue, at least to a simpleton like me. Lawyers, no doubt, would be more aware of the subtle distinctions between hemp and cannabis, which Mother Nature sweeps aside. To her sativa is sativa.

The petition, no doubt worthy, appears to combine too many issues. First of all, I am unclear as to why CBD oil is included in the petition, as it is legal in the UK. THC is the psychoactive element of cannabis, which is currently illegal. Neither is available on the NHS, although Sativex is, if you live in Wales. Perhaps the petition needs to be unpacked, or am I being pedantic?

Is there a lawyer in the house?



My reply is not about the petition but to say there is a trial for Canbex currently recuiting, competitor to Sativex.

here’s an example of a good reason:

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I’ve always thought cannabis use (especially when applied as a means to pain/ symptom management) to be a victimless crime personally speaking. In addition I have yet to meet someone who uses cannabis to agree with universal access to it. Perhaps the people I hang out with are uniquely nice/ logical/ non-judgemental. If so then lucky old me! Can’t believe we’re still debating this in 2016. Did the enlightenment ever happen? :0)

Yours with best wishes, and some confusion, fluffyollie xx

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