magnesium oil

I know there was a thread about this a little while ago, but I forgot to bookmark it and the search on here is rubbish so I can’t find it again, so here are a couple of questions…

Do you think magnesium oil is working for you? and if so which one would you recommend? - I’m thinking one of the spray on ones might be easy to use…or does it end up going everywhere?



I gave this a go a couple of years back. The company called Better You was just a five minute walk from my old house and I use to work in the building itself.

The spray oil that I used was the Goodnight spray version. That was to try and help with twichy and achey legs at night at the time. It is also the best of the smell in the range they produce, in my opinion. It is very simple to use and does not go everywhere.


Hi Chris

I’ve been using Better For You for about 8 weeks now and definitely feel the difference. My problem is seized calf muscles and just generally achey restless legs. On the occasion when I’m too tired to ‘mag up’ I really regret it in the morning. I’m quite lucky and can still have a hot bath, so also use the bath flakes when I’m really struggling. Its really easy to use, just a few sprays and rub it in. I often moisterise at the same time as its feels nicer to rub it in with something else. It does leave your hands needing a wash, and can sting the first few times (as MrsH’s husband will verify!)

5/5 stars from me!

Best wishes

Hi Chris,

Just to balance the experiences a bit, I can’t say I notice any difference with it, apart from the sting on application - and sometimes longer, if you spray it anywhere delicate,

I bought some months ago, gave up when it didn’t work, and actually thought I’d thrown it away. I recently rediscovered it, whilst having a rare turnout, and after all the rave reviews here - and because I was getting desperate, as my Baclofen isn’t working -decided to give it another go.

I’m afraid it’s still in the “expensive gimmick I’ve wasted my money on” category, for me (Funny, I seem to end up with quite a stock of those…)


P.S. I would add there’s actually no such thing as “magnesium oil”. No metals naturally exist as oils. The product sold as “magnesium oil” is actually just magnesium salts suspended in an oil base.

Epsom salts (to put in the bath) have been around for years, and are much the same idea - just not as trendy. Might be a less expensive alternative.


Hi Chris I have to say…with the exception of the “unfortunate incident” involving MrH !!..I find it absolutely fantastic. I also use the Better For You spray, available from good old Amazon. It works very quickly and makes a huge difference to my spasticity. I also take magnessium supplements but I had been on them for approx 3 months before I got the spray and was still suffering. The spray seems to have made the difference for me, so yes, I would recommend it. Xx

Hi Chris, I also use both magnesium supplements as well as the spray. And though I have only been using them for a month for spasticity and night spasms (as well as Baclofen) I notice a real difference if I don’t take them both together… as I have exerimented trying just one, then the other. I found Ancient Minerals to be the best brand of oil for me so far. It also makes a big difference how it is applied ie. vigarous massage is best,

Best wishes Jo

I don’t doubt that magnesium oil works well for some (I benefit from magnesium tablets), but the very act of massage does help ease problems with spasm a fair bit. It would be interesting to see if massage alone has the same result.

Hi I tried the massage with just a body butter and it didn’t have any effect whatsoever. The spray worked first time and I just rubbed it in…no massaging needed…which takes the onus off MrH who did the massaging !! Xx

I do find massaging it in with a bit of cream is even better. When I’ve been cycling in the morning, its perfect after a shower, though sadly there is no Mr Traitsy to do it for me! Before bed I just don’t have the energy, so it gets rubbed in quickly, which seems to do the trick too.

Thanks for the feed back everyone, I think I might give it a go. I do have some epsom salts but don’t have time for a soak in the bath every day so it would be useful for my non bath days.