Magnesium oil and sensitive skin

Hello all

I know lots of people use Magnesium oil / spray for spasms and cramps. But I’ve read that it can be an irritant. As I get eczema, sometimes in unusual places (soles of feet, back, shoulders) I was a bit bothered that it could cause a nasty effect on me. I tend to develop rashes from all sorts of everyday products, like micropore tape, if a nurse uses that after a blood test, a rash is almost instantaneous.

Does anyone find that it causes rashes or eczema? I don’t want to spend money on something that’ll cause problems. But I am suffering quite a lot with spasms at the moment.



Do you take a magnesium supplement? Taking it internally would bypass the skin which is reacting to the irritant.

Yes, I take Magnesium Glycinate. But I was wondering whether oil would work better on my sod£ing spasms. They are waking me up at night and not going away until I’ve drugged them into submission. And wasted some time organising my word processing folders (and other such vital chores!)


Hi Sue I have rather nasty psoriasis and don’t react to the spray (I use the Better for You brand). And it helps me enormously. I also take a supplement but the spray comes into its own when the spasms are particularly painful. HOWEVER, MrH, who has no skin conditions whatsoever, reacts badly when his skin comes into contact with mine, after using it !!! He has been known to leap out of bed shrieking about burning skin. I try not to laugh. Unsuccessfully. So I guess it’s probably a case of suck it and see. The spray that is. Not MrH’s burning skin. That would just be icky.

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