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Morning Live BBC1 09:15
Just by accident I was watching this programme today and Radio1 DJ Scot Mills was talking about his mother having PPMS. Trying to raise £100 million to stop further damage, apparently they are very close! For how long have we been listening to this, please let it work. To stop further damage before it’s too late, with the best will in the world it’s to late for me BUT for others…


Hear hear @hellMS I hope you’re right. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m probably the only one (grumpy old woman alert) :wink: but I HATE HATE HATE the terminology frequently used now which is ‘advanced’ MS - that (to me) takes away all hope of something happening which will help and makes me want to give up! … as I see it, it should only be my age that is ‘advancing’!
Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive. Elaine x


Hi Elaine
I think we have every right to be grumpy and dare I say overly sensitive? You may have noticed this MS is a … I am trying not to swear so much.
We are so close to something that will help us, Covid has made ‘them’ think differently about disease. Bring on the £100 million

Take care and be safe, M :heart: X

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Hi Guys. I have read about how there is going to be
something out there to help us soon many times. I to
get angry/fed up knowing I’m probably going to be to old to help me. On the other hand 3 weeks ago I started on a new drug call Mayzent which is supposed to stop the progression. There is only a handful of people in the UK that are on it (it gives me a little hope) and I’m sure there are a lot more people that could benefit from it if more people knew about it.
This is a bastard of a disease and we need as much help as we can get. How about this my ex husband
also had MS how weird is that! Xx

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M S was always known as the ‘Cinderella’ disease! Back in 2007 it was the first I’d heard of it but then I knew very little about M S. Who knows folks maybe the huge gap in the knowledge and understanding of PPMS, will improve.

Take care and be safe M x