M S Nurse

No m.s. nurse at my doctors. Can I ask to be referred to an m.s. nurse at a neighbouring practice without having to register at that practice? Thanks

Our MS Nurse is not associated with the Doctors but moves between three hospitals in our county, we go and see her at whichever one she is at the time, or as now my husbands condition has declined we have had home visits…obviously i don’t know what happens in other areas (we are in Kent)


Your neuro should get you intouch with ms nurse. Does the hospital you met your neuro at have a website? Might have contact details for the ms nurse.

As far as I know MS nurses are associated with a hospital and work closely with the neuros that specialise in MS. Your neuro should refer you…

hi all, can i talk to an ms nurse with only a diagnosis of ‘probable ms?’

thanks for the replies.

haven’t seen a neuro for 5 years!


To my knowledge MS nurses are assigned to neurological departments at hospitals.

It’s not automatic that you are referred to them, I had to ask my neuro for a referral.

You say you don’t have a neuro, it might be worth asking your GP for a referral. I also know that the MS nurses run a clinic at the local MS Therapy Centre. They or your local branch of the MS Society may be able to help

Good Luck!