M S Matters

Pwms running marathons - runners winning gold medals - travellers walking the Great wall of China - trekkers trekking through deserts.

I managed to trip up on the carpet on my fourth visit to the toilet last night.

Am I doing something wrong???


you and me both mate… i walked into a solitary 3 metre high pole positioned slap-bang in the middle of my childrens’ school playground. how in god’s name that happened is anyone’s guess. very embarrassing.

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I know, I know. But if it were all ‘me and my hoist’ or ‘faecal incontinence for pleasure and profit’ stories, the newly-diagnosed would get the vapours. It is so hard for that magazine to please everyone with every issue. If it were relentlessly upbeat (or relentlessly downbeat) issue after issue, it would get a bit wearing. But I think they do OK.



It does make me a bit depressed. I can’t say I read it exactly because I look at the headlines, realise someone’s done something marvellous again and then I flip the page over. The exception was of course when our lovely Val the moderator was in it!!

I don’t mind the adverts, but there was one this month for a lift (ie. inside a house) into which two seemingly able bodied people were standing cuddling each other. They had to snuggle up because it was really quite small. You’d never get a wheelchair into that space!!




The advert for the lift always makes me smile too. It’s as if the occupants have found inner Olympian strength and are standing, cuddling close in the hope that the lift will ascend to a better and holier place.

The advert for the Transformer upright wheelchair brought out the worst in my humour too. If I had one of those lifts its only direction would be downwards and into the fiery furnace.


Disclaimer: Gallows humour alert. I too could only stagger to the loo last night after three attempts to stay upright. I struggled long and hard, overcoming all adversity to reach the hallowed throne.


Eeee, lads and lasses! When I used to get those maggies, I once threw one straight in the bin, without even opening it! That was `cos the previous one had so many glowing stories about the kind of feats I couldnt do even before disability set in!!!

It`s a bit of a chuff, innit?


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when i see/hear anything connected with stairlifts, i just think of peter kay’s phoenix nights specifically brian potter’s small talk whilst accompanying his beau up the stairs…