M & S ESSENTIAL food box?

I watched a video of someone unboxing the contents of a £35 M & S Essential food box, it contained

2 blocks of chocolate

1 large bag of giant chocolate buttons

1 packet of Percy pigs

2 packets of shortbread biscuits

2 large jars of pasta sauce (very heavy)

1 large packet of rice

1 packet of spaghetti

1 packet of 50 tea bags

1 jar of coffee

1 small tin of corned beef (heavy)

1 tin of stewed steak in gravy (heavy)

1 tin of chicken in white wine sauce (heavy)

2 tins of soup (very heavy)

4 rolls of toilet paper

I think there was a couple of other things but I can’t remember what they were!

But no bread, anything fresh or anything refrigerated as the box wasn’t a cool box.

i don’t know, but when did chocolate and sweets become ESSENTIALS! Before type 2 diabetes bit me on the bum I was a chocovor as much as anyone, but I don’t remember ever buying it before breakfast cereal or fruit and veg!

once again they’re obviously working to a weight.

incidently, the sausages I got last week I wouldn’t feed em’ to a dog it would be too cruel! They were inedible, the worst sausages I’ve ever had!

My sons box had fresh apples, oranges, potatoes and carrots. it also had tinned soup x 2 tinned tuna, tinned corn beef, tin fruit, mushy peas. Packet rice, packet pasta, jar pasta sauce, tea bags, coffee sachets longlife milk large loaf bread two loo rolls. Unfortunately he can’t eat normal bread or use dairy products due to severe allergy but we were very impressed with the box contents.

I cant get an essential box as i have a lot of allergies so i would have to starve if i couldnt get a normal online shop!!

Hello Jaydee, most of us can’t get supermarket delivery slots they’re as rare a hens teeth and we’re not on the government s vulnerable list, so food boxes should be a sensible alternative so should contain realistic and affordable Essentials. Supermarkets must know by sales what products sell the most. Yes it must rough if you’ve got allergies but don’t think that the government free food box would take those into consideration even if you’re registered as the most vulnerable, but supermarkets food boxes are not free and I think they’re a bit misleading.

I would find it easy to buy enough breakfast, lunch and dinner plus tea, milk, loo rolls and some fruit for two adults for 3 days for £30 plus £5 delivery and still get some change.

As far as I can tell, where we are M&S don’t deliver. And they would be expensive.

Boxes are a fixed price £35. They’re using a courier service to deliver but given the boxes are not insulated there’s nothing fresh that needs refrigeration, and there’s clearly inconsistency in the contents, as I said sweets and chocolate in one but elljay listed fruit and vegetables in another.

i remembered the missing items nuts and tinned salmon.

How did you get a food box? I haven’t got one and I thought MS people didn’t qualify - jealous!

By the way, chocolate IS essential, it IS essential, I repeat it IS ESSENTIAL!

I watched a video on YouTube of a chap unboxing a £35 Marks and Spencer ESSENTIAL food box there are also £35 food boxes from Morrison’s I bought one a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been looking for information about Iceland £26 food boxes but can’t find anything.

I used to buy chocolate, sweets and biscuits routinely for my own consumption and described myself as a chocoholic or chocovor until my diet pushed my body into type two diabetes! But was shocked that a company like M&S would pick chocolate over vegetables! One packet maybe but 3 and sweets as well!

I have to buy dairy free and gluten free and have bought a box from Doves Farm online for the gluten free. Google their website if you need gluten free. Luckily I always have several long life dairy free " milk" in. There are various options for delivery of meat and veg + fruit in some areas. Perhaps a call to your local council office?. Best wishes Ellie

What’s wrong with chocolate? If you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean the product is bad. On the contrary, good chocolate (80% of cocoa and higher) is a good source of micronutrients. Your diet should be varied. Besides, judging on world food industry reports, not every country can afford to include chocolate in the food box. Enjoy the benefits of living in the UK. I can agree about sweets - it’s not something we really need. However, a lot of people don’t pay attention to every nutrient they consume. Sometimes they want something sweet just because. And it’s completely normal.

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I love M&S food, unmatched quality and taste, though it doesn’t come cheap.