lupus anticoagulant in blood results

Evening all Was just reading lettet I got from my neuro today about blood test results. The protein electrophoresis was normal ad was quantitive immunoglobulin but I am worried about the fact lupus anticoagulant was detected at a ratio of 1 : 34. Googled it and worried!! Has anyone else had positive results fo the test?? Does it mean I have lupus as well as ms now? Please help x Emma

Hi Emma, Confusingly, I think lupus anticoagulant is wrongly named, as it doesn’t necessarily imply you have lupus. Could mean something in the Rheumatology spectrum, though. Sorry - although we’ve spoken before, I can’t remember the full story. Are you currently diagnosed with MS? If not, I’d say the blood test points to it possibly being something else instead - not as well. Tina

Thanks tina Was diagnosed with ms six weeks ago. Had optic nuritus and mri showed lesion. Letter says to be tested again in twelve weeks time x worried sick again now!!! Emma x

I meant lettet regarding blood test! Just reread post and didnt sound very clear. . Think ready for bed! !

Hi Emma,

I don’t know what your blood results mean but it is possible to have ms and Lupus but Lupus would come under the rheumy not neuro. So if your neuro suspects you have Lupus they would refer you to a rheumy. Hope that helps, take care.