Lupus anticoagulant positive?

Hi there its me again
I had my official MS Diagnosis last month then along came letter about arthritis and now I received letter saying

" lupus anticoagulant was posting,anti-cardio antibodies however was negative"
The significance of this is uncertain .

Now tell me what the he’ll is this I have what lol what is lupus anticoagulant.

I’m kinda bedridden since April not have enough strength to do things I get tired very quickly I have no medication so far waiting for first DMT and MS nurse to ring me.

Please share if anyone knows if lupus arthritis and ms are linked or I’m just gonna die with several illnesses lol

Since no one else has responded yet, I’ll offer my two cents. You can have MS and other illnesses, but I wouldn’t worry about the lupus. Those phrases from the letter are very misleading. According to Dr. Google, the lupus anti-coagulant means you’re prone to blood clots but the anti-cardio antibodies mean that you’re not. My take is that they offset each other, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

It is also possible to have both MS and arthritis.

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