Lumbar puncture results are back

Hi all

my last post I hadn’t had the results only told little bits from a neurologist at the hospital who had been asked to see me for discharge but today I received my results firstly the dr that did the LP was really apologetic that I had had such a bad time after the LP … ps I don’t think it should be called a slight headache that you could get I felt that I was in a part of the exorcist head spinning and projectile vomiting but hospital I was admitted to did say I had the worse case they had seen if a LP reaction. Anyway the results come back as this …Oligoclobal bands have come back as positive as we expected after seeing the mri scan which also have lesions that similarities to ms however I have now forwarded the results to your neurologist that will discuss this further with you! I’ve got an appointment on the 1st but what do I need to be asking and I’m not sure if this is MS or not it’s scary fed up of googling roll on the 1st May only 11 days to go I suppose x

I am so sorry to hear that the LP came back positive, mine came back negative. I am to see him next year, I already have the appointment. I think he wants to make sure, I don’t know if I will have another MRI scan and LP.

At least now your no longer in limboland the people on here I’m sure can tell you what happens next, I don’t know and won’t pretend otherwise.


Hello Jo

I’m sorry you had such a dreadful time with the LP, and with the result.

I’m also sorry that it sounds as though you are hurtling towards an MS diagnosis. (Obviously, could be wrong, may be reading too much into your posts!)

The good thing if it is a diagnosis is exactly that it is a diagnosis, so no longer in limbo land. Hopefully it will be a relapsing remitting diagnosis, which means you’ll be eligible for one of many disease modifying drugs.

Best of luck for the appointment on 1st May. Let us know what happens and what help you need thereafter.


Thank you both I will keep you updated when I find out more :slight_smile: