Lumbar puncture problems

Hi all,

I had a lumbar puncture 4 weeks ago and they had trouble doing it and had to go into 3 different areas (so 9 local anaesthetic injections and 3 attempts at getting the fluid out). I had the usual issues afterwards, headaches and a bit of back ache that sort of went off after a few days. However, 2 weeks afterwards my lower back started to ache again which has become progressively stiffer and it feels like about 6 inches of my lower spine has fused together! Now I know that this hasn’t actually happened, but has anyone else had anything like this? I’m just so stiff and achey now.

Hi JJ,

Sounds like a bad Lumbar puncture, poor you.

Never heard of symptoms coming like yours weeks after. Maybe call your MS nurse and ask for the consultant to phone you?

Hope it eases off soon.


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Hi my experiences of lumber punctures arent good.

The subject of LPs has been aired here before and I was surprised to hear how many people had good experiences and said they didnt find them painful or uncomfortable.

My first was over 20 years ago and felt like I`d been thumped by a wrecking ball! I did as advised ie lie flat for 4 hours and had no after effects.

The 2nd and 3rd ones were as bad.

The 4th was attempted and hurt like hell and was abandoned. The doctor doing it said I have a curved spine and he would do it xray lead.I didnt know I had a curved spine, but I do tend to lean over to the left! I sometimes need help getting me upright again!

I had never heard of this, so a few days later I had the xray done and the sample was taken and it was totally painless for me after the anaesthetic was administered.

Each time there were nil results to help diagnose my MS.

So if you ever have to undergo another LP…ask for it to be done xray led.


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