Lumbar Puncture overwith!

Hi all :slight_smile: I had my Lumbar puncture yesterday and it really wasn’t as bad as I expected :slight_smile: Unfortunately I had to have it done twice (2 different sites) but it really wasn’t that bad at all. The doctor was fantastic. Explained everything before, during and after, and was just lovely :slight_smile: So for anybody waiting anxiously for their LP please don’t worry. It’s not a particularly fun thing to have done, but it’s not as bad as you’re probably expecting either :wink: Kaz xxx PS I’m having brain, cervical and thorasic spine MRIs next week, so hopefully some answers before too long :slight_smile:

A lovely positive post re LP. As you say, it hopefully means some answers soon.

Good luck for MRIs next week

Tracey x

Glad it went ok and that you feel ok after it x

Also pleased to hear things went well for you, on the second time at least!

Laura x

I won’t tell you how many times it took them with me!!

Lol… just a ballpark?! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile: xxx

Laura it took 3 different people and in total it was 32 times!!!

Goodness me, that sounds horrific!! Think Kaz got off lightly by comparison!

They should really have done an X-ray guided lumbar puncture as when I was younger I was diagnosed with scoliosis which is where my spine curves the wrong way so they found it hard to find the right spot. They said on the last attempt that if they didn’t get it I would have to come back and I told the registrar quite clearly that if he didn’t get it that time then there would be trouble!! The thought of going back and having to go through it all again I couldn’t cope with I think it would have been worse because I knew what to expect! But thankfully he got it that time!

When my husband had lumber puncture they struggled to get spinal fluid it took ages and his leg kept kicking i could see the pain in hubbys eyes.I held his hand and tryed to hold his leg wile they were doing it, before they started they asked me if i was going to stay wile he had it done.I think they thought i might be abit qweemish lol.xx julie

When I had mine done in hospital, it was 5 mins after neuro seen me at bedside. No time to think about it.

BE thats probibly the best way like you say no time to think about it or get worked up,xx jue

BE thats probibly the best way like you say no time to think about it or get worked up,xx jue