Has anybody found a more preferable scooter for transporting in the car and easy assembly? Thanks

No personal experience, but this thread might hekp.

Hi Stevie

I have had a luggie for just over a year now and absolutely LVE it. I can get it in and out of the car single handed and given I am currently getting around with a broken shoulder this is a definite advantage! Rather than pick it up I lean the front wheels against the lip of the boot and then pick it up from the bottom wheels on the gound and roll it in and swivel it round. Dead easy…

I get about 5 hours from a single charge as long as I turn it off if I am just sitting around on it eg in queues etc and am travelling on mainly flat land. Hills do suck the battery more quickly.

I have taken mine to Queensland and back and found it an absolute breeze at the airport although I did have to take my tme at the check in gates to explain and explain again and again about the lithium cell batteries as the baggage handlers just could not get their heads around the concept. (Bit thick) I had all the necessary paperwork but Qantas just doesn’t recognse this more modern technology on their forms. Aaaaaghhhh! No matter… it just took a bit longer but we still flew and were never going to miss our flight or anything.

I have two batteries and a battery charging port I keep in the house. So I have one battery in the Luggie and the other on the charger at all times so I can do a quick swap and not have to wait. It also means if I want to be out for a full day I can take a spare fully charged battery with me.

For me one of the best things about a Luggie is that it is so skinny. It is no wider than I am when standing so any where I could have gone on my feet I can fit on my Luggie which is not something I can do on most scooters or even a standard manual wheelchair as they are too wide. I can fit through all door ways and it is so amazingly manouverable. So whizzy and nifty
The other thing I like too is that after a year of solid and heavy use (and some abuse) it is still going brilliantly and looks brand new. Very sturdy for a micro-scooter and I do give mine a pretty tough life!
I highly recommend them and I’ll just toddle off now and collect my commission. (Just kidding.)