Luggie - A Warning

Husband has been using Luggie and has mixed results. Have to say, find it heavy to lift in and out of the boot of the car, but it does fold right up and takes up less space than other scooter. However using it at the weekend had a mishap that could have been serious. Now we do know that it is only for flat surfaces, but it is very difficult (unless you are going to a shopping centre) to predict how things will turn out and the Luggie is unstable over a rough surface. Went half a mile or so at the weekend and I stepped off of the tarmac road to look at something and husband followed, well as he reversed after a few feet he tipped over backwards and of course there was nothing to stop him. He was shaken and hit his head but no real damage (apart from pride). So while the Luggie has its uses it is as well to be reminded of its limitations. Just thought I would mention this, of course they do tell you that, but thought I would underline that utmost care is needed.

Hi, oh dear. I am sorry your hubby had this mishap. I hope he is recovering well and it has not knocked his confidence.

I dont know the LUggie scooter, but as you say, now you know it`s capabilities better…just a rotten way to find out though, eh?

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