Today was my lp, the doctor asked if I knew anything I said no, she then asked if i had been on the internet, I said I she said that was the worsted thing to do that I would scare my self silly, I did tell her that I went on NHS site and patient uk(which was given to me by my doctor) she said that was fine.

The doctor was great, it didn’t hurt at all I am just very stiff now the blood test hurt more and I’m not concerned about needles. Now it’s just waiting for my MRI. I asked the doctor when would I know my results she said that it would be after my MRI which maybe in March then my appointment with my consultant in April.

She said that it was a long process, that hopefully they would find what it is that I have in the first batch of tests but that if not they would try again. It is almost a year that I started down this road. The doctor was very cagey about giving away to much but definitely said that I had demyelinating disease legions.

Now I am on bed rest for a couple of days, I have wrote about this because I would’ve liked to read about the procedure but at least I am further down the road than before. I was very nervous about the whole thing but I feel a lot better now it’s now just my legs and back that hurt no where else. Kay

My neuro has stopped doing these as diagnostic for MS unless they are very necessary as like he said with me, it muddied the waters. Mine was full of ON but my blood test alongside the LP showed inflammation which makes it negative for MS, but at the time i was ill with possible lymes disease co infection.

oh and yes the blood test was worse then the LP i nearly kicked the guy who did mine.

i just rested for a week it wiped me out. 10 years down the line i was diagnsoed with PPMS after the second VEP test came back positive, and in the between MRI with lesions in different areas of my spine.

It is or can be a long road, but i was convinced if its MS it will show itself eventually and mine did.

keep well hydrated and rest.

Hello Kay

At least now you’ve had the LP. About 80 to 95% of people with MS test positive for what’s called Oligoclonal bands in their cerebrospinal fluid. So the LP isn’t a complete diagnostic tool alone. The neurologist will consider the results from the LP together with the MRI scan and your physical examination together with your history of what has happened to you and when. Then they’ll (hopefully) have sufficient information to make a diagnosis.

The doctor who warned you about the Internet was quite right. Googling symptoms isn’t a very good plan. But it is human nature to look things up. And when we’re worried, these days the first thing any of us tend to do is reach for the tablet / smart phone / computer mouse and look things up. If you can’t resist and want to look up information about MS, stick to reliable sources, that means this site (hit the About MS button), or look at the MS Trust. Or of course, you can continue asking us about our experience.

Good luck.


Thanks Sssue

Now that I have had the LP it’s going to be hard waiting for the other thing that need to happen, the doctor was quite impressed about the help that you give on this site, I have read on a lot of other forums but kept coming back to this site.

Same could be said about looking at the symptoms of MS but I didn’t look for anything until I got the neurologist letter( that was a complete surprise) then I looked it up but only on the NHS site and patient uk. The other thing was I looked up fourth nerve palsy then demyelinating disease. So I had something a name of the problem.

I didn’t just put my symptoms in and pressed a button but I did look at all the demyelinating diseases but I didn’t have many of the symptoms.

The doctor yesterday took a long time explaining things to me and explained what she was doing as she was doing it, and showed me the amount if fluid that she got. She also said that the results of both tests will go to the neurologist and that I may get a MRI in March, then see him in April, which I already have an appointment with.

It was funny but my sister had been noticing my tremors and thinking that it maybe MS on the side my niece heard mum and me talking, it wasn’t a secret but I wanted to have conformation of what I have ,not if’s and maybe’s.

My brother on the other hand he would look everywhere then come back and tell me that the doctor needs to do. what’s taking the time, so him I am not telling until later( he has done this with the other thing I have) , once when I was in hospital he asked to see the doctor I was not happy, they were very good and found out what it was.where My consultant that i was under, dropped me like hot cakes afterwards, she said that I had IBS the first time around that they will be looking other possibilities not celiac. I have now been on the celiac diet for over two years and have had no problems at all. I have even found the best bread really nice it even toasts well without the chemical smell. Along with nice cake recipes. Right I think I will stop my rambling. Kay

(I’ve just posted a bit of a rant on the BF thread about gluten free products and coeliac disease.) My brother is badly affected by coeliac disease and knowing what he has suffered all his life, and all the crap food available in the 1970s, I just have a bit of a ‘thing’ about gluten free diets unless someone has coeliac. I tried to live without gluten for a month once, it was so hard (in the 1990s). I am so glad you have better products available now. Imagine eating bread that came in a tin, that had to be boiled and was like eating dust!! That was the 1970s!


Yuk. Home made coeliac bread is not much better you pour in into bread tins or better still in a bread machine. Cakes are are great I have made a lot of them, plus gluten free cheese cake.


Right I am also celiac. I really struggle with bread but your right you can get lovely cakes.

Stacey - 28124

The bread that I get is schar wholesome white bread it is just 300gs, the bread rolls are in the freezer they also make chebbata rolls the same make, there hasn’t been anything that I’ve tried that I haven’t liked. Genius bread when put in a toaster smells really bad. Yuk. There is one thing and that is other countries have more products than we do. That’s not fair. I will tell you one thing and that is Tesco’s gluten free nachos are really nice I can’t stop eating them lol


I tried there hamburger rolls and they were amazing… I cant stop eating morrisons biscuit they are lovely lol stacey

I like Dean’s shortbread biscuits they are great


I haven’t tried those yet

You can get them at Morrison’s


I had a test, am gluten, wheat and rye intolerant not allergic to it.

Jeez i tried a bread the other day it was like eating styrofoam lol. My friend makes me a lovely orange cake with almond flour its delicious and moist yummy.

I know if i eat gluten/wheat my stomach swells right out and gives me pain and my legs burn.

I cant imagine the food in the 1970 we havent progressed much then have we lol with bread i have only found one i like but i still toast it. genius spicy bread it has fruit in it and its really nice. but still cant find a decent normal gluten free bread for sandwiches. they just fall apart.

If anyone knows one let me know.