LP Results Letter - Thoughts Appreciated

I’m new here and hoping that people with a little experience can help me translate a letter I received from the Neuro department. I will keep the bio brief, in order to write more details later. Any guidance would be appreciated, as a little concerned:- First neuro issue was 20 years ago, admitted urgently to A&E and put down to viral meningitis. 4 years ago I collapsed with vision loss, vomiting and was rushed to A&E, LP revealed high pressure and CSF was drained to assist. Visited Neuro and spent time on CSF inhibitors before being told itwas migraine related. Last year has been bad, numbness, vision issues, nerve pain, fatigue etc. Tested low for B12 and was being injected, little improvement. Referred to neuro for scans. Scans revealed marks on brain, electrical tests ruled out neuropathy. Neurorevealed that there were marks 4 years ago, as well as blood hormone markers? Had another LP, I know my CSF level is above standard, but it’s been much higher before. In order to be in control of my appointment with the neuro can anyone translate the bio tests on the CSF? “Clear and colourless fluid was drained with an opening pressure of 26cm of water. CSF protein was 246, CSF glucose was 2.8. Microscopy revealed 0 white cells and 0 red cells with no growth.” Thanks in advance.

Hi, Welcome to the forum, unfortunately I cannot enlighten you but am sure someone will be able to shed some light on your condition. Wishing you the best. Janet x

Hi and welcome.

Normally when a LP is done to test for MS they are looking for olongical bands (not sure of spelling). If they are present in the CSF and not in the blood then the result is positive indicating that the immune system is active in the CSF and not in the blood. 95% of people with MS will have a positive reults.

Your LP doesnt mention this so maybe they were not looking for MS in the LP.

Moyna xxx

Thanks all, they definitely we retesting for ms… I appreciate your support with this, will see what the neuro says on the 16th x