Had neuro appointment today to get results from LP - good news I think?

Hi everyone - isn't the weather just toooooo hot!!!

Anyway - story/investigations so far.

1998/1999 - Diagnosed with a case of Optic Neuritis

December 2010 - Optician noticed a serious (in her opinion)problem with visual fields - referred to neuro

January 2011 - First neuro appointment - instructed an MRI and evoked potentials test.

February 2011 - said tests done.

January 2012 - recalled for results of said tests (yes 12 months later!!! - apparently they 'missed' me, despite me ring up).  Told I had abnormalities in brain and he instructed an LP and a visual field test.

Today i returned to get the results and he said that the abnormality with brain was inflammation, and the LP also showed this although there were no abnormal cells.  He also confirmed I have an enlarged blind spot.  After I told him that I have had foot pain and intense itchiness togethr with numb fingers whilst in the shower, he wants me to have another MRI this time to include spine (just had pituatry with contrast last time).

I am relieved that he just didn't come out and say I had a positive LP (didn't sleep a wink last night) but am i right in thinking that he is double checking for signs of MS by asking for a more detailed MRI?

Just unsure about the whole thing really and as usual, didn't ask enough questions in the consultation!  




I would think that what has happened is that your LP is positive for some sort of whole body immune response, but not for the nervous system alone (the MS one). This doesn't rule out MS though as about 10% of people with MS have this kind of result. 


MS is one of several things that could have caused this kind of thing as well as inflammation in your brain. Given that your last MRI was ages ago and that you have new symptoms, having a new MRI is good common sense and will help to narrow things down.


One thing btw - having a period of more than 10 years between the optic neuritis and further symptoms is normally a sign of a good prognosis in MS (IF it's MS of course!).


Hth :-)

Karen x

Thanks Rizzo, that's really helpful :-)  I am not wishing MS on myself but all my symptoms just lead that way at moment but I will be so relieved if it's not.  This forum is amazing for an objective opinion on things whether it lead to a dx or not x


Hi Amanda,

It's all so much to get your head around.

My advice would be to keep a notebook to hand, write down any symptoms and any questions as you go along.

Then just before your next neuro appointment, write them all out, in order of importance.

Take the list of symptoms and questions with you, and take someone with you to write notes for you and they may also have questions to add.

Keep reserching, in particular reading this forum, which will help massively.

I wish you all the best,












Hi Amanda x glad you are having a further MRI - makes sense!

Just from a personal nosiness point - was your pituitary gland ok? Only I've got visual field loss and I had a brain scan (with contrast for the pituitary area) and the gland was enlarged xxxxjenxxxxx