lots of blood!

Hi, yesterday when hubby went to empty my overnight wee bag, he said, Oh!. I thought perhaos it was ful, but no, he said Blood! I looked and was started to see it and also that it was in the tube…very dark and thick! He emptied i and we changed to my day bag, as I was going out. It did run clear eventually and was fine for my shopping trip. We lunched in a pub and then emptied my bag…fine, no blood.

We came home about 3 hours later, my carer put me to bed and once again, I saw blood in my bag and tube. I rang my district nurses and they asked if I felt unwell at all. I didnt, but I forgot to mention some chronic low back pain. I said I had been out and it was fine until I got home.

Then I remembered what the journey was like…extremely bumpy on pot hold roads…that may have caused the tube to tug! But that couldnt be blamed on the earlier bleed. The tune is no clear and running free of sedimnt etc.

Other than htis, I love the freedom an spc gives me…the alternative is horrendous to me.

Does this happen to other spc users?


Poll, Do you regularly give the catheter a couple of turns - this is so important as the balloon end can so easily get stuck onto the bladder wall - this will result in bleeding. The balloon has little holes in for drainage - and works like a sucker when up against the bladder. Also, if the balloon is too far in it will rub against the uretha - this causes pain and bleeding. The bladder bleeds easily - and although alarming - is not anything to worry about.

You know that l ‘wear my spc’ - very differently to you. Short length cath/ direct connection bag - so no tubing - and no dragging/tugging and more importantly no kinking. lt is more comfortable to move about - transfer etc . and drains better. Even so, l still have to frequently just pull the cath back an inch if it has gone in too far and is causing a sharp pain as it rubs against the uretha. Because the bladder is permanently draining - it will be like a deflated balloon - if you can picture this - so its easy for a balloon to get adhered to the wall.

l do take D-Mannose capsules to keep the bladder healthy - and also drink apple-cider vinegar/honey to neutralise the acid in the urine - as it is alkaline - this balances the PH. Bi-carb works similarly. The caffeine in tea/ coffee/cola is also acidic and will irritate the bladder.

Eating beetroot makes the urine blood red. And still gives me a start when l see it - having forgotten that l had eaten beetroot.

Like you - l love the freedom the SPC gives me. Although, l have asked my GP to refer me for the Sacral Neuro-modulation therapy. As this works on bowels and bladder. So now waiting for an appointment for assessment. lf its found that l am not suitable for this then l am seriously thinking of having a colostomy. Be a proper ‘bag lady’ then - but at least l would be fully in control!! l hate having to live my life loo-orientated. From what the district nurses say - the colostomy is easier then the SPC to manage.

Lots of love to you Poll - hope its not too humid for you this weekend. We have had dramatic thunderstorms and heavy rain - like stair rods. Luckilly, we got the hay in - and under cover before it all started. Good feeling, knowing we have winter feed for the ponies. All safely gathered in.

Hallo Frances, my you are a good friend…always there with advice for me and caring so much that I am doing okay, bless you.

Now about the different type of bag you have, with no tubing…Guess I need to talk to one of the district nurses…Roz, the one who does the prescribing of bags. Shes on hols till Tuesday. Ill have to explain your type of bag…must say I am a bit unclear as to how Ill wear it. And then theres the night bags…I am, as you say, constantly draining. What will I do for then. I have to drink lots of water, so will have lots to empty.

I loved yoursafely gathered in phrase, re the ponies. What a wonderful person you are.

luv Pollx

Poll, Hope you did not mind my answering - for all to read. l know l could have messaged you - but did wonder if anyone else is in the same predicament.

The bags l use are from Manfred Sauer - they are 600ml - so quite a good size. They have a ‘direct contact’ and one side of the bag has a cotton feel surface - very comfy on the tum. l thread a lace through the loops on the long side and tie around my waist. The catheter is very short. The tap end is just is reaches my hip - just under the waistband of my jeans. l find it easy to empty - and if in bed - or in a car l can empty into a plastic bottle. You can connect the tap end to an overnight bag if you want to. l find it too restricting - as it makes it uncomfortable to sit up or turn over. The bags are on prescription and are order no. 7102204S [sterile]. Do check that your catheters are not latex - as they can upset the bladder.

Hi poll i know nothing about your experiences but you were good to me when i first appeared here very confused and angry at ms so i just wanted to post and say i hope this turns out okay asap and think its fantastic your getting out and all the best your way from the Cornish sheep x