my first spc hiccup!

Hello each!

i`ve had 3 difficult days and not been visiting here.

friday I had the mother of menopausal dizzy dos. It wiped me out totally…horrible things…10 years Ive been having them now. GP has offered hrt, but I dont want that, as I know they can increase the risk of breast cancer. When I was 31 (eons ago) I had a pre-cancer of the cervix, so thats why I dont want to try hrt.

Yesterday my spc collecting bag somehow sealed itself where the pipe goes into it. This caused a pressure build up in my bladder, which spasmed and by-passed, so I wet myself. What a strange feeling that was…very uncomfortable too. So we put a new bag on.

Mid morning today, there was a little blood clot in the tube and it blocked, so I had another bladder spasm, but didnt wet myself. It may have come from the bladder puncture site. It is 2 and a half weeks since the spc op.

I have been using night bags all the time, they have a very long tube and hubby says they coil too much and gravity cant be achieved properly. So I have a small bag attached to my catheter now and it seems okay.

Think I`ll ring district nurse tomorrow and ask for advice.

Hope tomorrow is better…I have a visit from a rep re the clos-o-mat toilet.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Sorry to hear this, hopefully it is just a hiccup, and the benefits

will outway this.

I think it a good idea to speak with the District Nurse tomorrow

to ask their advice though.

Good luck tomorrow with the “toilet man”.

Pam x

I was wondering how you were doing as hadn’t seen you on here for a couple of days. Hope district nurse can help you tomorrow. Good luck with the toilet rep.

Hi Poll, just wanted to tell you about a herb, called agnus cactus or chaste berry, that helps your body to balance your hormones, it might be worth a try. I’m going to try it to see if it will stop my year long period! hope it helps, love Bex xxx

Thanks Bex.


Thanks for your replies girls.

Spoken to nurse and she said to try using leg bags…less tubing to get blocked. She`s ordering some and hubby can collect a few from her office today.

I`ll use night bags at night…obvious!

She said the little blood clot probably came from bladder puncture site.

All seems ok today.

So onwards and upwards eh?


You can get short tubed leg bags or long tubed leg bags or something called a belly bag that you wear round your waist. Its trial and error to find which ones work for you. Also ask the district nurse for some G straps. They are a thick strap with an extra little strap that goes round the tube of the catheter and holds it in place better and reduces pull on the catheter. The male lenght catheter is better and is often used for ladies as it is longer and easier to manage. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water at least 2l of decaffinated drinks a day to keep the catheter flowing. Anything with caffine in doesn’t count as fluids as the caffine upsets the bladder. Good luck poll its a learning curve and rome wasn’t built in a day!!! xx

Sorry you’ve had some hiccups Poll - I suppose it was inevitable. Nothing ever seems to go quite according to plan but hopefully it will be a one off and things will get back to ‘normal’ again! Hope the district nurse can help! Teresa xx

Thanks Loll, for all your kind advice.

I have changed from using night bags all the time, to a leg bag for the day. There is too much tubing on the night bags for day time and kinking was causing problems.

Youd laff, as I am still trying to find a good way to wear` it. I have an emerald green satin ribbon holding the bag to my leg!!!

I stopped drinking anything with caffeine in several weeks ago, as I know bladders dont like it. I drink 4-6 500ml bottles of water a day and 2 cups of raspberry fruit teas.

luv Pollx

Hi Teresa, ta for your kind supprt.

I`m doing better…still learning everyday.

Been dressmaking and sat too long over the sewing machine and made my wound sore. But the long dress I`ve made is lovely!


You are a star poll!!! The G strap is for you and some additional straps for the leg. I am dreading the day I will need a catheter because I will be the worst patient ever.

Hi Loll, just wondering how things are going with the new course/study? Did you decide to go for it? Neurology? How coincidental that this opportunity should arise. You would be the perfect student and could be the module for others to experiment on, eh?


l knew you would ‘fashion’ a nice ribbon out of your sewing box of tricks. But try tying it around your waist to hold the bag in place. Much more comfortable - no drag on the site. As a fashionista!! l try to match my fancy ribbons and cords with my underwear. l have black/pink/red/yellow and even black and white striped - to match my striped nix - l call them my humbug nix - or perhaps that should be bumhugs.