Losing to the will to live over my travel insurance!

Ugh! we are going to NZ/US in a fortnight and the one quote I had for the family from the MS Society approved insurer has quoted nearly £500!!!

So then I try to get a quote from Colombus Direct who ask if I’ve had any acute relapses in the past 12 months, to which I reply yes (i.e. my first attack), then I’m asked if I’ve had my treatment changed in the past 3 months (I was only put on treatment 10 weeks ago), so I answered yes and got a big fat no! It also asks about a hospital stay, well I did stay in one night because they thought it was the quickest way to get all my blood tests done but seems that goes against me too!

Go online and try “getmy” insurance try them for a quote that is who we use. Good luck.