Looking up makes me feel dizzy...........

I havent been able to really look up properly so I dont unless i have to. I never stand up washing my hair i have a shower and sit down and do it that way. If i look up i loose my balance.

Today I had to repair a wind breaker we had put up for my little bantam chickens so the rain doesnt get into their yard area.

I had to look up and tie the breaker after 5 minutes of doing this i felt so ill, I couldnt even walk properly i lost total ground perception, i felt like i had to keep lifting my leg up as the floor was totally uneven yet it wasnt.

It made me feel so ill i have had to sit down for over an hour only just now feeling a bit better, less sort of dizzy and wierd.

Does anyone else get this or is it just me lol.

It scared me a bit as the floor felt as though I was in an earthquake.

Have been ill for several weeks with my MS out of sorts but coping well really, this has kind of spooked me a bit. Wondering if i should ring my nurse on Monday or just put it down to a vertigo spell perhaps.

Thanks for your help and advise. xxx

maybe its postural hypotension where your blood pressure drops suddenly.

i found out i had it when i reached up to get something in my kitchen and the next thing i knew was paramedics where kneeling beside me. i’d fainted and cracked my head on the quarry tiles, blood everywhere!

i’m such a drama queen!

take care

carole x

I too avoid looking up like you. I can’t hold my head back like you describe due to cervical spondylosis, I would feel sick and dizzy. I don’t go to the hairdresser’s anymore because I find those back basins too painful. Perhaps it’s something you should think about getting checked out with your gp. It could even be due to posture and blood flow in neck area. Noreen xx

Yes i do also i darent look round quickly x

I also have this problem. So I tried never to move my head lol… i told my physio as she wanted me to do something that made me dizzy. So she told me to do this: Focus on a spot straight ahead of me, turn my head to the left slowly then back to the centre and again to the right. But not moving my eyes when I am moving my head. Then get back to the centre and move my head up and then to the centre and then downwards. Always keeping your eyes focused straight ahead. Hope this helps a little, obviously I’m not a doc or a physio I’m just saying what I was told to do. I stop if it makes me to dizzy. I only do this once every hour or so. Good luck :slight_smile:

It’s similar to my symptoms, if I look or turn round too quickly, I don’t think eyes follow quick enough. I’m always complaining of dizziness. I also feel unstable, I suppose it’s similar to mild vertigo. I want to drop to floor so world doesn’t feel so vast and big. Or could I have something else going on? I will try above too.

Not sure what happened to my post! I feel eyes don’t follow quick enough. I am always complaining of dizziness. Suppose it feels bit like mild vertigo too. I find the world so vast and unstable especially in open spaces, that it just want to fall to the floor to get more stability . Or do I have something else going on!

My physio described it as having a sea sickness thing going on… she said that your eyes need to understand that your head moving is not a big problem so re train ur brain. The first week I done this i did notice improvements but this week I feel extremely sick so I’m not doing it as much. I will keep going tho as I will fight this illness however I can. Even when I sit still I feel like my brain is shaking inside. Now this seriously what I call a head fcuk lol x

I get that feeling in my head too catfight, I can feel dizzy and off balance even when sat doing nothing…weird.


I get this but not all the time sometimes it just catches me a bit unawares usually when I’m showering not the nicest of experiences.

It could be a balance problem. Easy way to check is to close your eyes (stand by something you can grab) and if you start to fall over… I have problems with low light, and if I move my head too quickly, as I’m relying too much on my sight. Was diagnosed with vestibular deficit at my local balance clinic (neuro-otology - referred by MS nurse) and there are exercises you can do to compensate.

Mags xx

Mags do the exercises u suggest help… can u tell us what to do as it drives me insane. Life is falling apart enough without these constant reminders :slight_smile:


I get that feeling in my head too catfight, I can feel dizzy and off balance even when sat doing nothing…weird.


[/quote] Weird is definitely the right word to use :slight_smile: x

They’re pretty much what you described Cat. Shaking/nodding head while focussing straight ahead, then standing on foam cushion, and finally with eyes closed. I had a problem as I also have cervical spondylosis (degeneration in neck), but I bought a vibration plate and I think it really does help, as I don’t have to turn my head.

Sorry, I couldn’t see the posts when I was replying. If you’re feeling a bit seasick too, it could be more inner ear related. The balance clinic sent me for a hearing test and an MRI of my inner ear to find out what the problem was. That’s how I found out I also had postural hypotension (ditto Carole/Pigpen)!

Thanks mags. I think it’s probably one of them things you just have to try ride out then and hope for the best. I don’t think I have ear problems as the doc checked them a few months back and said they were fine. I am wondering if this moving my head business has made things worse!? Anyway think I’m gonna stop it for a couple of days. You’ve got a lot going on by the sounds of it, I do wish you well and hope you also can fight everything and stay strong :slight_smile: Cat x

It might be worth looking at this Cat (I knew it struck a chord somewhere). If it doesn’t improve, it’s definitely worth asking for balance clinic referral, the people at mine are lovely. :slight_smile:

Hope you feel better soon hun.

Mags :slight_smile: xx