Looking to connect with others that want to share their experience about getting back into fitness

Hi there, I’m looking to connect with others who can share their experiences on getting back into exercise or adopting a new fitness routine post diagnosis and or during relapse. If anyone wants to chat for 10 min on zoom, would love to do so? Thank you so much x

Ideally you need to find a training buddy of similar age, capability / mobility, body type and training objectives. Perhaps you could start the ball rolling by stating where you’re at.

I’ve led an active sporting life and taken a technical approach to fitness but that was before MS grabbed a hold of me. These days, I’m old, fat and my exercise scope mainly involves mat work with a bit of static bike, though after recovering from a bout of cellulitis I’m keen to get back in the pool again. I wouldn’t be much use to someone looking to swap strava stories while jogging.

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