Longest week EVER

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting so thanks in advance.

I’m currently undiagnosed - well more undiagnosed with MS, but I was dx with ME 17 years ago and at the time most of the symptoms fitted, but MS was never mentioned nor tested and I was just rather relieved of a dx at the time.

Anyway fast forward several years and they maybe suspect MS, so after 2 years of recent tests and at first a negative MRI (no contrast was used) and LP – the Neurologist couldn’t get rid of me fast enough!

Last month I had another MRI (with contrast) that was ordered at a different hospital via A&E after a bad episode of numbness/tingling which slowly spread across my upper body – hands, arms, neck, face and tongue that lasted more than 3 hours before it started to feel any better – they ruled out stroke and other things, but I’m still getting these symptoms on and off a month later. I’m now waiting for a hospital appointment in the next few days that may or may not dx MS!?!

I was told to wait 2 weeks and phone to enquire about results and to see what was happening next. I thought I would be told that everything was negative and I would be bumped back to my GP again, but was informed an appointment was just made for me in 6 days so they could talk through stuff.

I’ve been trying to occupy my time and take my mind off it, but my mind is starting to spin somewhat wondering have they finally found something or will my journey continue – is this it!?!

Hi, well it does sound like there is something the neuro wants to discuss with you. I am not sure that he would make an appointment if there was nothing to see you in person for.

It is also a very quick appointment, so you`ll find out soon and not have a long wait.

It could be a diagnosis of MS.or not!

Best wait and see, yeh?

Let us know how it goes, eh?