Long distance wheelchair taxi services

Hi all,
I am getting married next May and it would mean the absolute world to me to have my grandad there but unfortunately, with his MS, he is now wheelchair bound. He lives about 2 hours away from where my wedding is taking place so I am fully aware it may be too much for him but I just really want to see what I can do and hopefully go to him with options for him to then decide what he may feel comfortable with, if anything. I am finding it difficult to find companies that would offer a long-distance taxi service (ideally I was thinking take him there for the service and then probably leave after the meal) so I was just wondering if anyone had used any companies or had any similar experiences where you could recommend any companies for me to contact?
Any help or direction anyone may be able to offer is really appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi cbell. A franchise called Driving Miss Daisy takes people in wheelchairs on outings etc. Have not used it personally but might be worth checking. Hope you have some luck. Essie

Hi, how kind of you to consider your Grandad. I’m sure he’d love to see you get married.

Being a full time wheelchair user myself, long days can be too much, but of course it will be up to him.

Logistics are an important issue. You’ll need to google google google, until you find suitable transport before you ask him.

All the best sweetheart